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most expensive sneakers on resale market

We Found the Most Expensive Sneakers on the Resale Market

Anyone have $50,000 to spare?

By: Nandi Howard

If there is one known fact about the sneaker market, it is: Get those sneakers while you can. Because if you don’t, they could end up costing you triple the price. The resale market has, in fact, become a market of its own. Companies like StockX and Grailed have created a community of resellers who bid, trade, and sell hard-to-find sneakers online for those who weren’t so lucky to cop them when they first released. But while most of the sneakers on the resale market are averaging anywhere from $500-$1,500, we managed to scope out the most expensive sneakers out there. From the original red October Nike Yeezys to the exclusive Derek Jeter release, these sneakers are going for more than $20k combined. Take a look at the sneakers causing havoc on the resale market.

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