Getting Ready
alex morgan

Exclusive: Getting Ready with Alex Morgan for the Time 100 Gala

The soccer player stole the red carpet last night in a red power suit.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Alec Kugler

Strappy Manolo Blahniks, a cherry-red Styland power suit, a tufted high ponytail, glistening Ruchi New York earrings, a sparkly Forevermark bracelet, and a Hublot watch. Throw in the annual Time 100 Gala and Alex Morgan, the forward for the United States national soccer team, and you’ve got all the makings of what was one very magical evening in New York City.

Ahead of hitting the red carpet, the Olympic medalist got primped and prepped at her hotel with the help of her glam squad, stylist, and, well, us (tbh, we didn’t do so much besides snap some incredible photos). Music was playing, healthy snacks were being passed around (naturally), and spirits were high as Morgan’s stylist, Jasmine Caccamo, made sure the suit (the first that the soccer player has ever worn on a red carpet) sat *just* right for her special night. Of course, not all good things last forever, and before we knew it Morgan was hugging everyone goodbye and chugging a glass of water before she floated away for the celebratory evening that lay ahead.


Alex Morgan: “I learned of being included in Time’s 100 list about a month before it was released, but when the list actually came out, there was something about seeing my feature written by Mia Hamm that only sunk in at that moment. It was then that I was able to read about the other 99 on the list and see the names of people that I was alongside, people that have had such a positive influence on me, like Michelle Obama, Mo Salah, and Taylor Swift.”

AM: “[Upon finding out], I group-texted all my family to tell them. I wanted them to hear from me first before reading it, and I’m always terrible at giving them a heads-up.”

Jasmine Caccamo: "Alex and I started working together following the last Women’s World Cup in 2015. We immediately hit it off with both of our loves for fashion and sports. We’ve been working together ever since."

JC: "We have had so many shared moments, [from] beautiful gowns and fun frocks to bold pieces on the carpet—like this one from Styland. But the one moment that stands out is the look we designed together in collaboration with Christian Siriano for the MET Gala. It was an incredible time spent together creating and diversifying Alex’s look."

AM: “Having never been to the Time 100 Gala, I was excited to experience all of it. I most enjoyed meeting and getting to know the people I was seated with.”

JC: "Alex and I wanted to achieve something different with her look [for the Time gala]. This is a big year for Alex, from scoring her 100th goal, to entering the World Cup in June, and the prominent stance she is taking with U.S. soccer and women’s equality, I really wanted to be bold and make a statement. I wanted to highlight both femininity and empowerment, not only as an athlete, but as a strong woman."

AM: “I don’t do red carpets enough to breeze through them. It always feels like it’s over so quickly, but throughout the carpet I try not to stand still for more than a few seconds.”

AM: “There’s definitely times in front of big crowds in World Cups where I’ve felt the nerves. If I get this and I have a minute to take for myself, I’ll breathe in and out using a four count. I also like to visualize myself being successful, like scoring a goal or making a good play, so when I step on the field it feels as though I’ve already been there rather than stepping on for the first time.”

JC: "We have a really great glam team that always works together. Alex turns up the music, and all of our mixed and diverse personalities create an environment of fun and chill at the same time. Since we do our fittings in advance, her look is always set to go, so it’s a nice change to just relax and enjoy each moment of getting dressed up and choosing the fun things—like diamonds!"

AM: “When I first found out about Time 100, I texted my stylist so we could start brainstorming on outfits. We couldn’t decide [between] two outfits initially, but eventually I knew this was the best outfit choice for the event. The red suit I decided to wear is the first suit I’ve ever worn on a red carpet. It felt right in this moment, six weeks away from the start of the World Cup.”

The getting-ready vibe:

AM: “I wish Taylor’s new album was out (instead of in a couple of days), as I would play that on repeat! My makeup artist, Cortney, is great at selecting music, so I’ll probably leave that to her. I also love it to feel like a girls day. I want everyone to enjoy, so there’s usually some cocktails and snacks—healthy snacks, of course.”

Who she was most looking forward to meeting:

AM: “Chrissy Teigen, because I love how unapologetic she is with social media, and her and her family recently came to our game, so I believe they are soccer fans. Meeting Michelle Obama would be a dream. Emilia Clarke, Lady Gaga.”

The songs that can always get her on the dance floor:

AM: “Pretty much any Beyoncé song. 2000’s hip-hop is always a safe bet, too.”

Her go-to karaoke song:

AM: “I wish I had one, as I have a lovely singing voice. Joking. Nobody needs to hear me sing.”

The one thing Caccamo always tells her clients before they walk out the door:

JC: "Check yourself out! Make sure you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, practice your carpet pose a few times before you do it for real."

The last thing she always does before walking out the door to an event:

AM: “Give hugs to my glam squad and drink a glass of water, since I don’t know when I’ll see both again.”