Jewelry Designer Ariel Gordon’s Showroom Is Covered in Pink Bunnies

Her space nails the tricky balance of playful and professional.

ariel gordon
Imagine signing a lease for a totally raw space in downtown L.A. with 270-degree views, and being able to do *whatever* you want with it. Sound fun? Overwhelming? A little of both? Such is the unique drama of the world being your oyster!

Jewelry designer Ariel Gordon (you’ve likely seen her highly personal, highly customizable, dainty pieces on, oh, everyone from Charlize Theron to Ashley Graham to Jennifer Lawrence) found herself in that position early last summer. As someone who deals in perfection professionally, it goes without saying that her new studio/hang space/showroom should perfectly reflect her brand. To nail that, she enlisted her friend and designer Krista Ewart, rosy, puffy club chairs, a lot of crystals, and hundreds of pink bunnies.

Click through to see her space and how the duo created a studio that’s both playful and professional.

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