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How Jennifer Fisher Packs Her Jewelry

What to bring, and how to stash it so it doesn’t get trashed.

How Jennifer Fisher Packs Her Jewelry
Ben Ritter
Packing, no matter where you’re going (unless it’s to your parents’ place, because there’s a 0 percent chance you’ll wear anything except sweats the whole time) is a pain. Even worse than regular packing or shoe packing? Jewelry packing. You have to consider how to protect it and how to keep things from getting tangled, scratched, or worse—stolen. If you’re a jewelry person, there’s a specific brand of panic that comes from trying to select the pieces you’re going to bring and how you’re going to transport them.

Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher knows this all too well. She loves to travel—and, obviously, loves jewelry. “I like to go places that are either very metropolitan, where I can shop and sightsee and go to really crazy, yummy, groovy, under-the-radar restaurants. Or, I like to go to the beach, where I can completely zone out,” she told us.

Her first step to packing her jewels is doing a serious edit. “The first thing is to separate your fine jewelry from costume jewelry, and pack them in two separate pouches, and you should know which pouch is which. I pack my fine jewelry with my medications, my passport—it’s my ‘important’ bag, so I always have my eye on it when I’m going through security. And the moment I get to the hotel I take it out and put it in the hotel safe,” she says. “Don’t ever check any jewelry—fine or costume. I don’t take enough with me when I travel to need to check anything—I really keep it pared down. The general rule is don’t travel with too much jewelry.”

But when it comes time to pack that edited selection, she has genius tips for both costume and fine pieces.

“I like to pack my jewelry in clear plastic baggies—you can order them online, or you can use snack-size Ziploc bags. I pack my hoop earrings in separate bags—one earring goes in a bag, then that goes inside a bag with another earring so they don’t scratch.

“Then, I like to travel with a lot of clutches, so I pack my jewelry into the clutches I’m bringing that I know I’m going to be carrying out at night when I travel. The hoops fit right in an Edie Parker clutch, and I also use the Supreme x Louis Vuitton camera case, some Celine zippies, and all kinds of different-sized bags and pouches.”

“I roll my charm necklaces into scarves to keep them from tangling. If you’re worried about your charms getting scratched, I have even smaller bags that I put those in, too.

“I collect all kinds of weird things, but I also collect bandana-sized scarves. I have a ton of them, and when I travel, I always cover my neck. I think you get sick when your neck is exposed, which I know is a weird old wives tale, but I think it’s true. So I wrap my jewelry in the scarves, and I wear them on my neck when I get to the city.”

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