mac extended play perm me up lash mascara review

I Might Have Found My Holy Grail Mascara

Length, curl, *and* volume.

As it is for many makeup lovers, mascara’s a critical step of my beauty routine. No matter how late I’m running or minimalist my look, I won’t leave the house without a good lash curl and a swipe of my favorite formula. But in the decade-plus that I’ve been wearing makeup (gasp), I’ve always felt that the eight or so mascaras I have in my arsenal left something to be desired. In other words, I’m picky. I want volume without it looking clumpy, length without resorting to falsies, and most of all, I want curl for days. That’s my favorite look: a doe-eye, otherworldly curl that defies gravity and lasts from coffee to cocktails. So when I unboxed the new MAC Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash, I did so with a cautious dose of optimism.

The brush itself is curved to mimic the natural shape of your lash line, with dense yet slim bristles. Similar to the unfortunate perm I received when I was 13, I hoped it would deliver a springy effect that wouldn’t budge no matter how rainy, windy, or sweaty my environment. I don’t believe in a double coat of mascara, because in my experience, more product means more weight—not ideal for my fluffy aspirations—so I swiped on a thin layer after giving my lashes a good curl. Because of the wand’s bend, I was able to apply less product more evenly on the bulk of my lashes (the outer corners always need a little extra love), and I was happy to see nary a clump in sight.

Since I usually avoid waterproof mascaras—I hate to have to scrub my eyes at the end of the day—most of my favorite formulas inevitably bleed onto my under-eye area by the afternoon, but for the past week, I haven’t had to so much as swipe a cotton bud under my bottom lid until I’m home from the office. Best of all, my lashes have stayed curled and fluttery without any touch-ups, which is how I like my makeup—set-it-and-forget-it status. This might not be the high-drama mascara you want for a night out on the town, but if you’re craving a trustworthy, come-hither eyelash look on the daily, it might be time to Add to Cart.

MAC Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara is available today on and retails for $24. 

Photo: Courtesy of MAC 

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