5 Reasons You Should Be Using Gliders

The fitness accessory you need.

By: Noah Lehava

Gliders are, without a doubt, one of our favorite pieces of workout equipment. Maybe you’ve tried the DIY towel version at-home with us before? But now, more than ever, is the time to invest in the real deal. Because, guys, once you’ve done a plank crawl using these frictionless discs (more on the how-to below) and felt your abs burn (seriously, we Googled “can you break your abs?” the next day), you won’t deny the good they can do. And since we’re all for effective (read: fast and easy) exercises that reap results with as little time and commitment as possible, we had London-based master trainer, Gede Foster of Frame fitness studio, show us the best total body moves to get us ready for summer.



Move #1


MOVE #1 GLIDER OBLIQUE TWISTS “Start in a high plank position with... Read More

“Start in a high plank position with the balls of your feet on the gliders. Feed your right leg under your left leg by twisting and rotating from the hips. Lift your left arm up at the same time, keeping your hips high. Hold the twisted position for 3 beats before returning to high plank. Then repeat on the other side. Perform 5-8 on each side, and repeat 3 times.”

Works: the obliques and core.

TIP: “Lift the hips up high when rotating for more oblique engagement!”



Move #2


MOVE #2 SPIDER PRESS “Begin in a high plank, keeping your lower... Read More

“Begin in a high plank, keeping your lower back lengthened, shoulders wrapping down into your back with your neck extending nice and long with your core tight. Place one glider under your left hand and one glider under the ball of your right foot. Take a press up while sliding the left glider arm out and the right glider leg around the side of the body at the same time.
Perform 8 on one side and 8 on the other. Repeat 3 times.”

Works: chest, shoulders, obliques and core.



Move #3


MOVE #3 SQUAT AND SIDE LUNGE “Start with your feet on the... Read More

“Start with your feet on the gliders. Slide out to your right into a squat position, keeping your chest up and back flat. Staying low, draw the left leg in, slide the left leg back out until it is straight. Keep your right leg bent while reaching your left hand to your right foot and twisting up to the ceiling. Draw the left leg back in and repeat on the other side. This works the entire leg and core. Alternate right and left, and perform 10 times each way. Take a 20 second rest and repeat 3-5 times.”

Works: thighs, abductors, glutes and core.

TIP: “Squat as low as you can while maintaining form.”


Move #4


MOVE #4 DIP AND SLIDE “Start by positioning yourself on your hands... Read More

“Start by positioning yourself on your hands and feet: heels are on the gliders, knees bent at a right angle, tummy facing up to the ceiling, fingertips pointing towards your toes. Keep your hips lifted, engaging the gluteal muscles. Draw the navel towards your spine to embrace the core. Bend the elbows into a tricep dip, straighten them, then slide the feet out into a ‘V’ shape and back in using your hamstrings. Perform 10 times. Rest for 20 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.”

Works: triceps, hamstrings and back stabilizers.

TIP: “Keep your hips as high as you can and think of lifting them high as you slide your legs back in for more hamstring and butt activation.”


Move #5


MOVE #5 PLANK CRAWL “Find the longest journey across your room and... Read More

“Find the longest journey across your room and position yourself at one end. Take yourself into a low plank position on your elbows with the balls of your feet on the gliders. Slightly tuck the pelvis under to lengthen the lower back and lightly engage the butt to support your lower back. Wrap the shoulders down the back and reach your breast bone forward, lengthening the neck. When you’re ready, walk your elbows across the room. Working out with a friend? Turn it into a race! Repeat 5 times. Going for gold? Try a reverse crawl!”

Works: Cinches your waist, working all the core stabilising muscles and shoulders.

TIP: “The slower you go, the longer you hold plank and the more work you get!”