In My Bag: Everything Emily DiDonato Travels With for Hydrated, Glowing Skin

Her end-all, be-all sheet mask, plus the serum she won’t leave home without.

Daniella Deutsch, Meagan Wilson
Tim Buol
Brenton Diallo, Makeup: Misha Shahzada
Supermodel Emily DiDonato is no stranger to long flights and early call times, which is why we weren’t surprised to see that she has an expertly packed carry-on bag. She’s never one to let a few hours on an airplane go to waste, hence the numerous hydrating masks, serums, and of course a handy sleep mask that she keeps with her when she travels. “In the car, in the airplane…wherever I can get some extra sleep, I will do that,” she laughs before revealing what other products she keeps in her makeup case (hint: she’s a big fan of vitamin C). Despite a hectic schedule, DiDonato’s glowy complexion is all the proof we need to trust that her routine works. Watch the video above to discover the rest of her on-the-go beauty essentials, and click through below to shop them all.

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