My Vagina Got a Facial and Even the Extractions Were Great

What better way to practice self-love than with a soothing V-mask?

vagina facial review

Ive been on many shoots where I’ve asked interviewees: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tried in the name of beauty? Every time I thought to myself, “Wow, my answer would be so boring.” (Side note: Real silkworm cocoons is the best answer I’ve ever heard.) All that changed for me one Monday night at 5:05 PM, when I walked through the door of Fuzz Wax Bar, Torontos go-to hair removal spot. My purpose for being there? I was getting my first-ever Vajacial.

Yes, it is what it sounds likea facial for my vagina. Fuzz describes it on their site as “a treatment designed to prep and pamper your skin between wax appointments. A six-step treatment to thoroughly care for, correct, and calm your skin.” My aesthetician, Chanel, tells me its also great for preventing annoying little bumps on your bikini line and future ingrown hairs.

While I waited, my mind raced with questions: Is this going to hurt? What the f*ck is this “wand tool” that they use? Am I about to ~*glow*~ down there? WHAT AM I DOING HERE?

I was having a mild internal freak-out. But Chanel whisked me into the back room, and a few moments later I found myself lying down with only my shirt on, baring it all for her. This is probably where you expect me to tell you that things got weird, but honestly, the next 20 minutes were pretty pleasant and not nearly as uncomfortable as I expected them to be. First, Chanel cleansed the area with a warm towelette and cleanser. She then exfoliated it with an all-natural sugar-and-salt scrub, helping to get rid of dead skin cells and prep the area for the next glow-ifying steps. There was also a hot towel compress to open the pores for easy extractions. I’d be lying if I said the extractions didn’t a hurt a little. I breathed through it as Chanel squeezed out my stubborn ingrown hairs.

After the extractions, there was another hot towel compress to soothe the area (yes, it feels just as good down there as it does on your face), and then it was time for the wand. It was all surface-level—the same type of high-frequency wand youve likely experienced during a facial—and said to help fight acne and reduce the appearance of fine lines. (Fine lines!!! On your vagina!!!) It didnt feel like much, to be honest. Following that was a “Fuzz-exclusive clarifying V-mask”—a clay mask to calm the skin, help reduce inflammation, and tone.

To finish things off, my vagina was sprayed with a toner that would, again, help calm my skin (theres a theme here) and restore pH balance. And that was it. Chanel left the room to let me check myself out. My skin was smoother and silkier than it had ever been, and I felt wonderful. While I’m not sure this is something I would get done on a regular basis, I would recommend trying it at least once for an extra-special treat. 

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