How Pete Davidson Met Colson Baker

A comedian and a rapper’s best-friend true love story.

Tristan Kallas
Samuel Miron
In honor of the fact that we can never get enough of love, and even more so, of excellent chemistry *wink*, were bringing back our much-loved video series. A cross between the Newlywed Game and indulging in a good old-fashioned lovey-dovey story, here youll meet some of our favorite duos. This is a team sport: from best-for-life friends, husband-and-wife and husband-and-husband, to twin sisters, and longtime colleagues...and more. Harry and Sally have got nothing on these meet-cutes. 

Weed. Rapping along with SpongeBob. More weed. Mötley Crüe. Topics you need to be seasoned in if you have any hope in getting in on the jokes between Pete Davidson and Colson Baker (whom you may know more commonly as Machine Gun Kelly). Best friends and co-stars in Netflix’s Mötley Crüe biopic, The Dirt, which premieres on March 22, their banter needs no introduction. Just watch.


how pete davidson met colson baker
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