March 2019 Horoscopes: Scorpio


March 2019 Horoscopes: Scorpio

Scorpios are the powerhouses of the zodiac. You naturally ooze magnetism, sex, and mystery. One glance with your penetrating gaze, and your prey is immediately unnerved. This month your energy will be channeled into creativity and perhaps, dare I say, something more light and playful. Don’t freak out, passion can come in lighter shades too, and romance can also be fun and carry levity and humor. Not one to usually invest in anything breezy, take this month as a time to don the role of a character that may be a lighter shade than you’re used to. Sometimes Scorpios can come off a bit serious, so testing out the waters in a more effervescent creative range can loosen you up in the best way, and most of all, you’ll have some much-needed fun! 

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