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These Yoga Moves Could Help You Find Your Soul Mate

Love is in the air!

These Yoga Moves Could Help You Find Your Soul Mate
Weston Wells
It’s easy to go into a spiral at the sight of pink-and-red-hued-and-hearted everything, nonstop $200 floral bouquet deliveries to the office (and, shudder, singing telegrams), and the annual calculated release of another celebrity-packed rom-com when Valentine’s Day creeps up around this time of yearwhether you’re attached or not. Cue the *eye rolls*.

But this year, we’re resolving to approach V-Day differently—instead of feeding into our habitual cynicism, we’re focusing on the sentiment of love all year round. Because what’s better than that? To help tap into your in-a-relationship, just-broken-up, or looking-for-love heart, Pure Yoga’s Angela Leigh shows us six heart-opening yoga moves to let in all the warm, fuzzy goodness that love has to offer.


Move #1

Puppy Pose

“Puppy pose is a great place to start the sequence. It is a less intense variation of downward-facing dog. It is a spinal extension pose, which allows space for the neck to breathe, back, body, and core to turn on, and sets the arms up for the next sequence of spinal mobility and movement.”

Move #2

Spirit Fingers Cobra Pose

“From your belly, send your arms outside your mat, and tent your hands on your fingertips. On an inhale, lift your ribs, heart, and head. On your exhale, lower everything down, and tip-toe your fingertips wider. Inhale a little deeper and lift a little higher, exhale lower and repeat, expanding each cycle of breath.”

Move #3

Down-Dog Split with a Flair

“Push through your hands and lift your hips. On an inhale, send your right leg back, roll the hip open, and bend the knee. Make circles from the hip, knee, and ankle. Explore the motion in your body with your breath. Keep moving and opening, then lower your right leg and repeat on the left side.”

Move #4

Soft Lunge with a Twist

“From down dog, step your right foot forward and set your left knee down. Melt your hips to the floor, and send your arms up. Inhale and lengthen through the sides of your body; exhale, bringing your palms to touch. Inhale, hinge your body forward, exhale, place your left elbow outside your right thigh. Continue to breathe in and out with your breath, lengthening on the inhale and expanding on the exhale. Unravel the twist, and step to down dog. Repeat on the left side.”

Move #5

Dancing Camel Pose

“Now that the spine is warm and the hip flexors are ready, we are going to add movement and flow with the back bend. Sit on your heels, place your right hand behind your right foot, inhale, push into your right hand, and as you exhale, lift your hips and left arm to frame your face. Stay for the inhale and exhale to unwind to a seated position. Prepare for the other side. Flow on the breath. You may place a blanket under your knees if this movement is sensitive.”

Move #6

Supported Heart Opener (Blocks or Blankets)

“The love yourself pose. Elevate the back of your heart with a rolled-up blanket or blocks for more of an opening. Bend your knees, walk the soles of your feet together, and drape your knees open to the sides. Place your right hand on your belly and left hand on your heart. Breathe into the palms of your hands, and exhale out your mouth. Every time you inhale, you collect the unnecessary, what is not serving you, what you wish to release, and on every exhale you let go of all of this and more.”

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