Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Hair Type and Face Shape

Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Hair Type and Face Shape

Alexa Chung’s hairstylist spills on the dos and don’ts of the perfect bang.

Meghann Stephenson
We’ve all been there. Scissors in one hand, half-empty bottle of wine in the other, staring yourself in the mirror asking the age-old question, “To bang or not to bang?” And no, we’re not referring to your daily Who Would You Rather: Celebrity Edition playoff. (But for the record, Team Cumberbatch all the way.) We’re talking real bangsthe kind you haphazardly cut for yourself (and for your Barbie) at age five, nearly giving your mother a hernia.

Whether you’ve rocked bangs your whole life Anna Wintourstyle, or stayed away out of pure, unadulterated fear, here at Cov we’re all in favor of a little new year, new do action. But like anyone who’s shorn herself in the name of a drastic new style knows, taking the leap of fringe-fate can be daunting.

With fringe fear in mind, we asked Londonbased hairstylist George Northwood—also known as tress whisperer to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and full-time bang aficionado Alexa Chung—to tackle four of our favorite eyebrow-grazing styles. The lineup? Straight across, side-swept, middle-parted, and yes, the baby bang. We’re going for it, kids.

A little parting tip, though: Maybe stay clear of the above mentioned bathroom shears, and let the professionals take care of this one. At-home hair-cutting helpline available upon request.

“This style is not for frizzy, unruly hair or if you consider yourself to have a round face. A straight fringe will cut the face in half.
“Use a small ceramic brush, and blow-dry forward. If your hair is slightly unruly, apply Pureolog Super Smooth Relaxing Serum to tame and keep smooth. Keep a dry shampoo such as Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender on hand, as this style can become slightly greasy.
“With this style, you can trim a little yourself, but it’s not advised. If you do opt to DIY your bang, concentrate on the middle section, and leave the sides to your hairdresser.”
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