8 Healthy Airport Snacks You Can Find at Hudson News

8 Healthy Airport Snacks You Can Find at Hudson News

For when you’re stuck at the airport with no other food source in sight.

We’ll bet that most of you have found yourself with hours to kill at an airport at one point or another, whether it was by your own doing—I’ll leave myself a six-hour layover between flights ~just in case~ (seemed like a good idea at the time, didn’t it?)—or because of a canceled or delayed flight. Either way, being stuck for hours with nothing more than Hudson News as a food source probably isn’t ideal for maintaining your health routine—as if flying wasn’t tough enough on the body. And because we’ll likely find ourselves in said situation again, we turned to nutritionist and founder of Nutritious Life and The Nutrition School, Keri Glassman MS, RD, and CDN, to help us pick the best airport bodega options.


“This one is an obvious choice. Whole, real, fresh food is the perfect grab-and-go snack. It’s fiber- and water-dense to help keep you hydrated and full, and, of course, loaded with healthy carbohydrates to fuel your tank and nutrients to boost your immune system while traveling.”


“I’m not talking Slim Jims. Look for grass-fed, organic, nitrate-free jerky in your airport bodega, and you have the perfect protein-dense snack.”

Hard-Boiled Eggs

“Yes, these are popping up everywhere. This is another whole, real food for when you need something more substantial than just a simple crunchy snack. Egg whites are high in protein, and the yolks will also provide you with healthy fats.”


“These might not be easy to find, but when you do, they are perfect if you need that salty craving fix. They are also high in healthy fats to keep you satisfied.”


“Nuts are another whole, real food packed with protein and healthy fat to keep you satisfied, and full of fiber to keep you full and regular. Nuts are the perfect protein meal replacement when other protein options aren’t available, but opt for the raw, unsalted kind if possible.”


“Seaweed snacks serve the chip purpose without the carbs, but with all the sea minerals.”


“Go for plain or lightly salted. Leave the cheddar-coated stuff on the shelf. This is a whole-grain snack that contains both fiber and antioxidants.”


“A pre-portioned individual container is perfect if you’re in a pinch. Made out of chickpeas, this snack touts protein and a little fiber to stave off hunger cravings.”

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