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The Unexpected Boot Trend That’s Also Crazy Comfortable

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Maybe it’s the wave of new year’s resolutions to get healthy and spend more time outdoors, but the fashion industry is experiencing a new footwear trend: haute hiking boots. Designers from Ganni, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin (not to mention old standbys like Sorel) are creating heavy-soled stompers in a variety of colors and finishes. And aside from being generally comfier than the typical heeled booties we know and love, hiking boots have the same ugly-cute allure as chunky dad sneakers, especially when paired with an ultra-feminine prairie dress. Best of all, when you’re sitting at the office, watching an unexpected snowfall complicate your evening commute, you can rest assured that at least your feet will remain toasty warm. Fashion and function in 2019? Yes, please.

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