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It’s In Your Best Interest to Winter Vacation in Canada

Featuring huskies, an ice slide, and snowshoeing.

It’s In Your Best Interest to Winter Vacation in Canada
Chances are that youre up for a winter vacation and are looking to be anywhere but the States for a little bit. Our advice? Head north! Most think of sunshine and margaritas when dreaming up a vacation, but this year we’re urging you to try something new and instead fill your days with unusual winter activities. Naturally, Canada is bursting with opportunities for you to try things like driving your own dogsled through the forest and eating maple syrup on snow. If we haven’t sold you yet, check out the breakdown of the amazing winter activities below, and we bet you 20 bucks you’ll be booking your flight immediately.



Don’t act like after you watched Eight Below you didn’t want to immediately jump on the back of a dogsled and navigate yourself through snowy trails. Lucky you, because the Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd. in, you guessed it, Haliburton (three hours north of Toronto), is home to 150 Siberian huskies (which, btw, are the most lovable dogs ever) that you can go on full-day or half-day dogsledding tours with. Honestly, it’s so worth spending the day outside and, hello, you get to be surrounded by huskies all day—major win.


A cult classic in Canada, snowshoeing is part leisure, part workout—it’s also popular in pretty much every province. The terms beginner and advanced do not apply to this winter sport (unless you’re wanting to scale a mountain, that is)—just strap on the boots and shoes, and head out. This list here will let you know all the best spots to get your snowshoe on.


Ask anyone who lives even remotely close to Montréal about this festival, and their eyes will light up like it’s Christmas morning. It’s one of the largest winter festivals in the world, lasts ten days, and involves unreal food (plus infinite amounts of mulled wine), family fun, and a ton of performances (aka there is literally something for everyone). As if it couldn’t get any better, bang in the middle of the festival is Nuit Blanche—a night full of free art, winter sports, film screenings, and, most important, a 361-foot urban ice slide. To sum it up, attend this festival and leave having experienced every winter activity ever.


Self-explanatory. Although zip-lining in the summer is great and all, imagine flying (literally) over snowy evergreen trees and icy cliffs. Not for the faint of heart, Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain zip-lining course reaches speeds of up to 50 mph and has you zip-lining straight over a canyon. Swap out your Loubs for a harness, and become an adrenaline junkie.

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