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Shop Our 47 Favorite Gifts at Every Price Point

From homewares and tech to fashion and beauty, under $25 and up.

We’re almost halfway through December, which means the pressure is officially on to find the perfect gifts for those nearest and dearest to you. Not to mention the stress of keeping your bank account in the black until the new year. But you have no reason to worry—there are a ton of great presents out there to suit any budget. Trust us, we did the leg work. From $25 and under for your co-worker Secret Santa exchange, to almost $1,000 for the most special person in your life, these are the 47 gifts we’re loving this season.

$25 and under

For your office holiday party and high school white elephant exchange.

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Bower Table Tiles, $18

You know you’re an adult when nice coasters are a damn good gift.

Under $50

For the roommate you actually like and a handful of distant cousins.

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Areaware Ridge Cups and Pitcher, $28

A glassware set that doubles as home decor is basically two gifts in one.

Under $100

For your sister-in-law and the doorman who always keeps your packages safe.

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Yew Yew Cherry Half Circle Pipe, $68

A limited-edition colorway from our favorite smoking accessories brand, Yew Yew.

Under $250

For your ride-or-die friends and your doting grandmother.

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Kathleen Whitaker Medium Malachite Gembox, $125

Everyone needs quality jewelry storage, so you might as well make it a beautiful stoneware box.

Under $500

For your mom, because she deserves the best things in life.

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Ormaie Les Brumes Parfum, $270

A stunning all-natural fragrance with hints of Tuscan orange, lemon, and bergamot fields in the morning.

Under $1,000

For whoever you want to shower in pure luxury (including yourself).

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J.Hannah Form Ring, $585

A minimalist stackable band will suit any woman’s style.
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