inside jaron and sara kanfer closet

Designer Dresses Meet Graphic Tees and Sneakers in This Couple’s Closet

Jaron Kanfer and Sara Ferne Kanfer’s pieces tell the stories behind Jaron’s brand, Unknwn. Miami.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Alec Kugler

Ask around about where to find the best sneakers, streetwear, and designer pieces in Miami, and well guarantee Unknwn will be the number one recommendation. So you could imagine, wed want to know what the closet of the execs behind the boutique would look like—because if Unknwn is any indication of what we were about to find, we knew it would be good. Enter: Jaron Kanfer, CEO and one of the four founders, and his wife, Sara Ferne Kanfer, who runs the e-commerce and digital marketing for the brand.

It didnt take long after we entered the couple’s terracotta-roofed home on Biscayne Bay for Jaron to pull out all types of memorabilia and archived fashion from the seven years that Unknwn has been open. Everything from The Sport of Fashion hats (the brand’s tagline) to bleached Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 97s and LeBron James’ (another of Unknwn’s founders) Sprite cans.

Then it was time to head upstairs, where Sara led us through their two walk-in closets (one featured an entire wall filled with very impressive sneaker collections). James Perse t-shirts and Unknwn hoodies were the stars of Jaron’s racks, while Helmut Lang denim and Réalisation Par dresses hung on Sara’s. Of course, we balanced Nikes on top of the marble fireplace and convinced Sara to climb in the bathtub outfitted in a colorful bathrobe and yellow aviators.

Click and read through the below gallery to see why we’re hoping to get an invite back to their home (this time for dinner, guys?) next time we’re back in Miami. Plus, shop pieces inspired by their closet here.