y7 30 day yoga challenge

Feel Your Best Over the Holidays with This 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Consider it a survival kit of sorts.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

In a season when marathons are calculated by shopping bags rather than miles, and evenings and weekends are filled with cocktail parties, cookie exchanges, and a plethora of family gatherings, taking time for *you* seems like a January ~thing~. It’s that kind of thinking that made us turn to Sarah Levey of Y7 Yoga to craft the perfect feel-good pre-holiday 30-day yoga challenge to make us feel great all season long. Just follow along with us starting today, and you’ll be riding high on endorphins up until the new year.






Flow Series: Chair Pose, Warrior Three, Chair Pose, Plank, Side Plank Right Side, Side Plank Left Side, Chaturanga.

Rotating Plank Holds: Side Plank Right Side (hold for 30 sec), Plank (hold for 30 sec), Side Plank Left Side (hold for 30 sec).

Plank Series: Plank (hold for 1 min), Side Plank Right Side (hold for 1 min), Side Plank Left Side (hold for 1 min), Chaturanga (hold Updog for 30 sec).

Standing Series: Warrior Two (hold for 1 min), Triangle (hold for 1 min), Twisted Triangle (hold for 1 min), Chaturanga (hold Updog for 30 sec).





Chair Pose


“Begin standing in Mountain Pose with your feet together and heels slightly apart. Spread your toes wide and ground down through all four corners of your feet. On an inhale, sweep your arms overhead with your palms facing one another. Keep your ears in line with your arms and relax your shoulders. Exhale and bend your knees deeply, as if you are sitting into a chair.”


Warrior Three

“Begin standing in Mountain Pose with your feet separated hip-distance apart and parallel to one another. Inhale to reach your arms up overhead, and as you exhale, begin to extend your right leg straight back behind you as you shift your weight into your left foot and leg.”



“Begin standing at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose. Step your left foot back about three to four feet, placing it parallel to the back edge of your mat. Angle your left foot in slightly and line up the heel of your right foot with the heel of your left foot. With an inhale, extend your arms to shoulder-height alongside your body, parallel to the floor. Extend your right hand forward and hinge at your right hip to bring your right hand down, keeping your front body and pelvis facing toward the left edge of your mat. Place your right hand lightly on your right shin, or the inside of your foot if it is available to you. Reach your left arm straight up toward the ceiling, and broadening across your chest. Lengthen evenly through both sides of your torso.”


Twisted Triangle

“Stand with your feet about three feet apart, your right foot pointed forward, your left foot turned parallel to the back edge of the mat. Square your hips to the front of your mat, towards your right leg. Draw your right hip back and left hip forward. Bring the left hand to the inside of the right foot as you twist to the right. Your right hand reaches towards the sky and your gaze is to the right fingertips. Draw the shoulder blades down your back and the shoulders away from the ears.”


Warrior Two

“Begin standing at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose. On an exhale, step your left foot to the back of the mat about three to four feet. Place your left foot parallel to the short edge of your mat and line up the heel of your right foot with the heel of your left foot. Press down firmly through the outer edge of your back foot to avoid collapsing into the arch. On an inhale, extend your arms out alongside your body, raising them parallel to the floor with your palms facing down. Bend deeply into your right knee, stacking it directly over your right ankle. Keep your core engaged by slightly scooping your tailbone under and opening your pelvis to face the left side of your mat.”


Side Plank

“Begin in a Plank Pose. Place your left palm towards the center of your mat. Spin your heels to the left side, stacking your feet, keeping them flexed. Make sure your shoulders over your wrist. Lift your right arm up towards the sky. Hold here for 30 seconds.”



“Begin in Plank Pose. Keeping your elbows directly over your wrists, slowly lower your body to hover a few inches above the floor. Keep your back flat and your gaze forward. Hold here for 15-20 seconds. Do not let your chest drop or sag toward the floor. Fully engage your abdominal and leg muscles.

“Press your hands firmly into the mat and straighten the arms, lifting through your chest while keeping your shoulders in line with your elbows, coming into an upward facing dog. Do not let your elbows splay to the sides. Keep them hugged along your ribcage, pointed toward your heels.”



“Begin on all fours in a neutral tabletop, your knees should be hip-width distance and your hands should be directly below your shoulders. Inhale as you drop your belly and lift your gaze and your tail bone towards the sky for Cow Pose. On an exhale tuck your chin towards your chest, lift the belly, drawing your bellybutton close to your spine and scoop your tailbone under, rounding the spine for Cat Pose.”



“Begin by laying on your back. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet flat down on your mat, the feet are parallel and separated about hip-distance apart. Walk your heels in towards your butt until you can just graze your heels with your fingertips. On an inhale, lift your hips up high toward the ceiling and begin to walk your shoulders underneath you, press your forearms down into the mat to get more lift in the hips.”