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The Luxury Resale Site Breathing New Life Into Our Handbag Game

As in, just hit the Old Céline jackpot. In collaboration with StockX.

stockx resale site now offers handbags
Rachel Pickus
Fashion has long been known for moving at lightning speed—a pace that’s only been magnified by a revolving door of trends driven by our digital-first culture. And yet, our oldest obsessions continue to die-hard—we’d be lying if we told you we didn’t still think about that Proenza bag from six seasons ago, or that Céline tote we almost snapped up, only to never see it again.

It’s exactly that perpetual love of the hunt (if you know, you know) and the upcoming holidays that drove us to StockX—a resale marketplace that takes a stock market-like approach to retail, hence the name. While the site first launched as a sneakerhead haven—where you can score like-new Adidas NMDs, the most collectible of Jordans, and goodies from the LV x Supreme collab—they’ve since opened up their offerings to include bags (think: Fendi, Balenciaga, Prada and more), accessories, streetwear and watches, too. Predictably, we’ve been in serious trouble ever since browsing their 20k+ available styles.

If you have yet to dip your toes into the proverbial waters of buying big-ticket bags online and feel a little wary about the whole thing, StockX will easily assuage those fears. They have a seriously thorough authentication process for every single item sold through their site, and only approve pieces in excellent condition to be sold, so you know you’re getting a like-new item. It’s also just the place to snap up an unexpected deal on styles that are often impossible to find and sold out just about everywhere else. And, honestly, what’s a better holiday gift than a rare Supreme toolbox or a Gucci double-G handbag? Because you “bid” on items on StockX, that means you can enter an offer for less than what the seller of your bucket-list Hermès bag might be asking—and win. True to their “stock” name, you can also chart and measure how any given piece is doing on the market—how it’s been selling in the marketplace and for how much—so you can truly evaluate your latest investment.

Its great for sellers, too—if youre looking to, say, do the responsible thing and swap out last seasons purchase before throwing down cash on something new, all you have to do is ship the bag off to StockX once it sells, and they handle the rest. No elaborate photoshoots in your tiny apartment necessary—simply find your bag on the site, and name your price. You get to pat yourself on the back for a job well done…and promptly buy a new bag with your earnings. That’s how this works, right?


Meagan Wilson

Associate Creative Director

1. Louis Vuitton Malle Vernis Stickers Petite: “I fell hard for LV’s Petit Malle bag the moment it made its debut under Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for the house—but I really geek out for the novelty editions. This one’s covered in playful ‘stickers.’”

2. Céline Clasp Medium Bag: “C’mon. You thought I’d get through this list without some #oldceline?”

3. Balenciaga Shopper Bazar Striped XXS Bag: “The coolest little weekender bag I ever did see. Especially great with a dreamy white blouse and jeans.”

Noah Lehava

Director, Lifestyle & Talent

1. Prada Tote Midollino Canapa Resca: “First, I’ll buy the bag. Then I’ll have no excuse for putting off my trip to Sicily, where I’ll proceed to swill Aperol, dive off jagged coastlines, and maybe make some mistakes with a local gelato maker...”

2. Gucci Sylvie Leopard Print Small Bag: “So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?”

3. Palace Card Holder: “Because there’s no sense in buying a fancy new bag only to clutter the bottom of it with a half-dozen credit and bank cards. Enter: a bright blue Palace cardholder that keeps them all in one place and makes them easy to spot.”

Jodi Taylor

Associate Editor

1. CHANEL Quilted Card Holder: “Hi, have we met? I’m Jodi and have a serious soft spot for novelty CHANEL.”

2. Céline Medium Frame Bag: “Now, this is the one that got away. Do you see how soft the leather is? I want to climb underneath and take a long nap.”

3. Hermès Vintage 1997 Transparent Kelly: “See-through everything is decidedly having its moment right now—good thing you held out on the trend until you came across this Hermès (from 1997, and designed during Martin Margiela’s reign at the house, no less).”

Hannah Baxter


1. CHANEL Coco Cuba Wallet on Chain: “I never quite got over CHANEL’s Coco Cuba collection. After buying this, I won’t have to.”

2. Céline Card Holder: “I’m willing to wager that little yellow tab will be seriously helpful the next time I’m fumbling through my purse in the back of a taxi. Just saying.”

3. Dior Diorama Embroidered Shoulder Bag: “Who said a pop of color can’t feel refined? No one at Dior.”
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