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6 Holiday Detox Essentials for Skin, Mind, and Body

Deep-clean your skin and spirit. In collaboration with Beautycounter.

Alec Kugler
Meagan Wilson
After a very busy fall—when good skin care and smart food choices go out the window along with my routine schedule—I’m truly pumped to be off an airplane with a full weekend at home to relax and do a little detoxing. Detox means different things to different people, but for me, it means a deep cleaning, especially for these poor pores of mine. And that means a lot of skin care from the clean beauty brand Beautycounter.

So, on top of getting in a workout and switching some of the bad food habits that have crept in (I have very serious thoughts on tea versus coffee), I have an at-home facial routine using a few specific types of product. My go-tos right now include Beautycounter’s peel that exfoliates while I sleep, and face oil that makes me look like I’ve never done a bad deed in my life.

But what I find really smart about Beautycounter formulas is that they don’t just ban ingredients blindly or based on rumors; they screen everything they use—whether it’s synthetic or natural—to find the non-toxic options. They are pretty rigorous about safety as well as gathering ingredients from responsible sources, like organic farms, that you can feel good about buying. A detox of the conscience, as well, if you will.

More on my fall detox below.

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1. Wake Up Looking like an Angel with an Overnight Peel

The “wow” moment with the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel is when you rinse your face in the morning and your skin feels insanely soft and smooth. It uses the gold-standard acids like glycolic, lactic, and malic, but I don’t get any stinging feeling because it’s formulated to exfoliate gently and slowly over the course of hours. By morning your skin looks and feels super fresh, and it’s also ready for nourishing product on top.
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