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Inside a Textile Designer’s Beachy-Meets-Modern Brooklyn Apartment

Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro is our new vintage furniture guru.

inside eskayel founder home
Alec Kugler
For many New Yorkers, your home is your sanctuary from the hectic city streets outside. That’s why we think that some of the most inspiring interior designs happen here: Our apartments act as a much-needed escape. But when said urbanite also happens to be a textile and home goods designer, the interiors reach a whole new level of color, texture, and pattern. Such was the case when we visited the founder of Eskayel, Shanan Campanaro, and her husband at their serene Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home.

“I have a background in fine art,” she explains as we meander around the sun-drenched space (courtesy of a jaw-dropping bay window in the living room). “I was working in fashion doing graphics for t-shirts and underwear. I made some wallpaper for my house on a whim, and after a couple of years, I just thought it would be nice to try to start a wallpaper company.” The gamble paid off; ten years later, Eskayel is renowned for its dreamy, earth-friendly designs, which now include rugs and various small accessories.

Campanaro’s California upbringing and love of surfing is evident throughout the apartment, from the collection of surfboards in the dining room to the Moroccan-inspired textiles throughout. The vibe is beachy without leaning kitschy, plus a dash of contemporary and 1970s flair. And with a network of friends in the design business from her 15 years in the city, she and her husband have been able to amass an impressive collection of drool-worthy furniture. All in all, it’s just the type of urban oasis we’ve always dreamt of escaping to ourselves.

Check out the rest of her home below, and learn where the self-proclaimed vintage furniture buff sources many of her most amazing pieces.


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