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24 Hours with a Detox Beauty Guru

What Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn does first thing in the morning and right before bed.

24 Hours with a Detox Beauty Guru
As a former model and the founder of Pursoma, the detoxifying beauty brand that aims to fight urban toxicity, Shannon Vaughn is right on the pulse of wellness. It's the foundation of every Pursoma product, from the rejuvenating clay body mask to the digital detox baths (that we now swear by). All of which came to fruition after Vaughn began searching for ways to remove toxins that enter our bodies through the skin, and focus on healing from within.

Vaughn's day-to-day is completely in sync with the wellness brand she built. Which we learned when we asked her to catalog the happenings of an average day. As expected, wellness isn't all secrets and shortcuts. “The most important thing that one can do to maintain a daily healthy routine is to be consistent. Drink three liters of water per day, take supplements, sweat once per day, and eat consciously," she explained. But hearing those things and doing them are two separate matters. So we had her bring us along on a typical 24 hours in her life, to see exactly what a wellness guru does to be so well.

6:00 AM

I used to have a pretty buttoned-up schedule before I had a baby. As a new mom running a business, I have obvious distractions, but if I stick to the four components, WSSF (water, supplements, sweat, and food), I don’t end up losing energy and vitality. When I wake up, I drink one liter of water and take two Chaste Tree Berry supplements from Gaia Herbs. It keeps my cycle regular to the day, and I do not have any PMS symptoms.

If my daughter’s dad gets her when she wakes, then I spend 15 minutes meditating. If I get her when she wakes up, we play a little bit or walk to the park.

7:00 AM

I drink a cup of Argoya Green Tea; the owner is Chinese and [a great resource on] antioxidants. If I drink coffee, it’s half-caf and always with fresh goat milk. I dont do any other dairy, so this is a real treat. I make slow-cooked oatmeal for Esme [my daughter] with bananas, shredded coconut, and local grass-fed cow milk. I have a cup of bone broth, which I make a pot of per week with bones from (a farm drop-off service for meat and dairy products). This is super easy to do at home and a good way to soak up much-needed amino acids in a primarily vegetarian diet.

8:00 AM

I live on a working farm on the Chesapeake Bay, so I ride my bike about 20 miles, stretch, shower, and go to work. I always dry-brush for three to five minutes before I shower, and if I have time, I use a Neti Pot with Pursoma Sea Spray Nasal Rinse. If I am in NYC, I’ll walk to a class at Jivamukti Yoga. I exercise six to seven times per weekit keeps me sane.

10:00 AM — 1:00 PM

I work either at my desk or in meetings. I drink another liter of water during the day and take Ashwaganda Root and Rhodiola Rosea supplements from Gaia Herbs.

For lunch I have a salad from Le Pain Quotidien, the kale salad at The Mercer Hotel (a favorite place for a break), or a green smoothie. If I’m tired I’ll have a green tea with mint.

Recipe for Green Smoothie:

A handful of kale
The juice of half a lemon
Hemp seeds
Frozen bananas and/or frozen pineapple
Coconut water
Maca powder
Optional:Healthforce Green Protein Alchemy

5:00 PM

Pre-kids, I would work until 7:00 PM and then exercise; now I head home and cook dinner. In NYC, I have meal delivery from Sakara Life. For baby and family, I always cook very simple grilled protein and veggie bowls with quinoa and a raw salad on top. I keep containers of seeds, seaweed, and healthy toppings to mix up the flavors for meals.

8:00 PM

I bathe Esme, read, and put her to bed, then work and finish emails for an hour. I drink a cup of relaxing digestive tea; I love High Mountain Roasted Buckwheat Tea from Argoya Tea.

10:00 PM

I practice self-care with either a Pursoma bath or infrared sauna. I get into bed immediately after a few calming breathing exercises or five minutes of Yoga Nidra and practicing gratitude. I dont say this in a cliché way—I practice mindfulness for 30 minutes. Spending a few moments contemplating what you have and to be thankful is a simple and really lovely way to wind down the day.

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