Tamu McPherson’s Pink-Walled Closet Is Like an Archive of Old Céline

The photographer and founder of All the Pretty Birds has a healthy appetite for Proenza Schouler and Rosie Assoulin, too. Milan.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Like anyone with a pulse and even a passing interest in fashion, we’re long, longtime fans of Tamu McPherson. Her approach to fashion is everything we love about street style (without feeling over-the-top or peacock-y): It’s exuberant, and experimental, and just makes us happy. She mixes colors, textures, and prints with abandon (she pins her approach on her Jamaican roots) and somehow pulls it off, too. She has a healthy appetite for Céline, Gucci, and all of the glossiest labels, but styles them in the sort of low-key way that makes them feel effortless, not overtly orchestrated or show-off-y. In short, you get the sense that she actually has fun when she gets dressed every morning—which is kind of the point, and increasingly overlooked. (Are you starting to see a pattern with our Milanese Coveteurs, or is it just us?)

And so, when the stars finally aligned and we miraculously found ourselves in the same place (Milan) at the same time, we knew we were in for a really good time. To put it one way, McPherson’s closet was essentially the equivalent of a playground to us—we didn’t want to leave. After giving us the grand tour of her Pepto-pink (what else?) walled walk-in shoe closet, Tamu showed us to the clothing rack she dutifully had pre-loaded with a (generously stuffed to the gills) selection of everything she’s obsessing over at the moment. From Christopher Kane to Proenza Schouler and Acne to relative newcomers like Rosie Assoulin and Johanna Ortiz, McPherson’s wardrobe essentially reads like a short list of designers defining cool—both on the street and off.