inside theodora richards closet

Inside Model and Radio Host Theodora Richards’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Royalty Closet

There’s no shortage of metallic heels, gauzy dresses, or gifts from The Rolling Stones. New York.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Hannah Baxter, Monique Kamargo
Photography: Alec Kugler
Styling Assistant: Carolina Dalia Gonzalez

There are musicians, and then there are *rock stars*, and the Rolling Stones most definitely fall into the latter category. Few other bands have left such a substantial mark on fashion—the leather pants, the glitter, the swagger! It only makes sense that the daughter of Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his wife, model Patti Hansen, would have as much fashion savvy as her famous parents.

Theodora Richards is no stranger to the limelight, having started her own modeling career when she was just barely a teenager. “Mom [and I] did a bunch of stuff together as I was growing up,” she explains when we stop by her Manhattan apartment to raid her closet closets. “When Bruce Weber took us down to Florida with Angela Lindvall, my mom and her were dancing on tabletops, and we were surrounded by giraffes and this crazy chimpanzee. That was pretty special. I was 13 with braces—very glam.”

Although she’s music-industry royalty, Richards is refreshingly warm and down-to-earth, fluttering about in a voluminous Patricia Field dress like we’re playing an adult game of dress-up. Her bright SoHo digs house four closets (all impeccably organized) with row after row of well-loved heels, customized biker jackets, and a stunning ruby-and-diamond ring in the shape of the Stones’ iconic tongue logo—a gift from Dad. As we uncover a gauzy slip dress and an oversized shearling bomber, we realize that Richards is just as happy snuggling with a life-size teddy bear on her living room windowsill as she is lounging in her marble bathtub for a shot.

“I feel like I fed off of Mom and Dad for years,” says Richards after changing back into a silk dressing gown and settling in at her kitchen table. “[My style] is always going to come back to that, because I’ve been going into their closets for years, and we share everything now.” With her tousled hair and cigarette dangling lazily from her manicured fingers, Richards looks every bit the rock star, although these days she’s devoting most of her time to her SiriusXM Radio show, Off the Cuff, which airs the last Sunday of every month at 8:00 PM on the Spectrum Channel. “It’s really cool to be friends with musicians and hear these songs before they come out,” she says, her eyes lighting up. “It’s been wonderful. You learn so much sitting across from these people.” We inquire if it took some getting used to, being on the other side of the interview table. She shakes her head. “I’m not the kind of interviewer where I rip into them. I really just want to keep it about the music.” Keith, looking on from one of his daughter’s many photo galleries throughout the apartment, would most definitely approve.

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