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We Tried IV Vitamin Therapy

IV as in: needle in your arm.

We Tried IV Vitamin Therapy
Hannah Becker
Always a sucker for pretty much any new health trend, as soon as I got word that such a thing as a vitamin IV infusion exists, I wanted to try it. Thankfully, Toronto is home to a Reviv Wellness Clinic, which offers both wellness and recovery intravenous, as well as booster shots (along with a whole lot more coming very soon; stay tuned). After some back-and-forth with the clinic’s director of business development, Christopher Chapheau, it was decided I would come in on a Friday afternoon for their popular IV, Megaboost. This particular infusion includes B-Complex vitamins, B12, magnesium, Vitamin C, and glutathione (a very powerful antioxidant) and is said to cleanse vital organs, boost your immune system, replenish essential vitamins and minerals, detoxify your body, restore hydration, and give you an energy boost. In other words, it allows you to hit your body’s proverbial reset button. Chapheau recommended this particular treatment for me, as I was a virgin to the vitamin IV world.

I’ll admit, walking into the clinic I was a little nervous—needles and I have a bit of a rocky history (think almost fainting while trying to give blood and having to be revived by way of juice boxes and a cold washcloth), but all my worries were out the window as soon as I started chatting with both Chapheau and the on-site nurse, Melissa Munro, about the simple process. After filling out a few forms and getting on the phone to quickly chat with a doctor, I was ready to go. Contrary to what I was expecting, I hardly felt the IV being inserted, and the process was quite comfortable. The infusions take either 20 or 45 minutes, depending on the size of the needle used, and while waiting you get to cozy up on a big leather couch with a blanket, as it’s normal for your arm to get quite cold as all the goodness enters your body.

A quick and painless 45 minutes later, I was waving goodbye to Reviv feeling 10/10. Chapheau had warned me that it is common to feel a little fuzzy in the hour following the treatment, and although I did experience this, it only lasted a quick fifteen minutes and it didn’t interfere with my ability to essentially run home (after all, it was the weekend, guys). The infusion is meant to give you a burst of energy before the end of the day, and I was told that I would sleep like a baby that night. Although I didn’t get the burst of energy, I did sleep soundly and woke the next morning feeling extremely refreshed. The entire weekend following, I found that my energy levels were up and I was feeling damn good. So good that I made it to the gym (twice!) for the first time in two weeks (don’t judge—I’ve been busy, guys). All in all, I’m officially sold on vitamin and wellness infusions, and I know for sure that this one will not be my last.

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