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The 13 Best Hydrating Masks to Keep Your Skin Luminous and Glowy

Dry skin be gone.

Meagan Wilson
As much as the sudden drop in temperature has you happily reaching for that new pair of heeled boots or cashmere sweater, your skin might be having a more difficult time with the change of season. Cold weather means dry skin, which can lead to an uptick in oil production and can cause breakouts, not to mention flaking and irritation. Not fun! But a simple addition to your beauty routine can help prevent these skin-care freakouts—a luscious, hydrating mask. Yes, even if youre breaking out. We recommend slathering your face in your favorite formula after using any kind of deep cleansing or revitalizing mask, or use it in place of your nighttime moisturizer as an overnight treatment. Either way, your skin will thank you. Check out the best hydrating masks on the market right now.

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Dr. Jart+ Lover Rubber Mask, $12

We all know sheet masks are the most entertaining to use, but this one takes the cake. After applying the moisturizing ampoule of this Dr. Jart+ mask, you lock in the hydration with this two-piece algae-derived rubber mask that's slightly Jason-esque.
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