inside raven lyn closet

A Model’s Closet That Is Oozing with CHANEL and Jordans

Raven Lyn also has a soft spot for Rick Owens, is launching two brands, and designs all of her own jewelry. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

When given the chance to personally raid the closet of model-slash-singer-slash-entrepreneur Raven Lyn, the only question we had was, What time should we be there? The Minnesota native upped and moved to L.A. on the morning of her eighteenth birthday and, judging by the look of things, she’s been racking up an impressive fashion collection ever since. We’re talking CHANEL sneakers, Fendi jeans, Rick Owens dresses, Dior crop tops, and a dizzying number of designer boots. Oh, and lest we forget a plethora of jewelry she designed herself, all inspired by her art collection.

If youre trying to recall where youve seen Lyn, the answer is everywhere: on the cover of Vogue Arabia, fronting Calvin Klein and Puma XO campaigns, and most recently, the Elle Mexico cover. She was also named one of the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookies.

“Since I was a very little kid, I knew I wanted to be a model,” Lyn explains as we hang out in her new, soon-to-be-decked-out-in-art home. (She’s a huge Murakami and Kaws fan.) It wasnt actually modeling that enticed her, though. Lyn has been cutting up her clothing and obsessing over fashion since she was young and figured modeling would give her insider access to the industry.

These days, when Lyn isnt in front of the camera, shes working hard on launching two new projects: a clothing brand aimed at empowering women, and a beauty brand focused on the importance of inner beauty and health. Shes also writing music and planning to one day start her own foundation to support women.

If you're expecting a cutthroat or pretentious vibe from Lyn, you won't see it. She as sweet and laid back as they come, and if we were to make a prediction about her future, we’d say it’s looking pretty damn bright.

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