In My Bag: How Frida Aasen Does Her Bronzed Glow and Curled Lashes

She even has an eyelash curler trick.

Daniella Deutsch, Meagan Wilson
Andriani Vasiliou
Gabe Harden
William Scott Blair
Models may have genes on their side, but they’re also some of the pickiest and most experienced makeup testers out there. A major in-demand face like Frida Aasen travels the world to work with the most talented makeup artists in the industry, and has basically seen *it all.* That’s why we asked Aasen to pack her (extremely cute Gucci) purse with her favorite makeup products and show us her routine to touch up her face when she’s not on set. We not only got a new shopping list of must-try products—such as her favorite bronzer—but some really solid how-to tips as well. Watch the video above, and find the products organized for you below.

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