Daisy Donohoe’s Wardrobe Is a Straight-Up ’80s Beverly Hills Fantasy

The designer behind our favorite furry slides on her eBay-meets-Rodeo-Drive, “drug dealer chic” vibe and her extremely luxurious beauty routine. Los Angeles.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Alec Kugler

As far as pure, unadulterated ’80s Beverly Hills chic goes, Daisy Donohoe is *it*. If Instagrams were billboards for people’s lives, hers is purely Scarface-as-told-by-Sofia-Coppola. The fancy gilded beauty products. Lookbook shots lensed by Nadia Lee Cohen. Donohoe, clad in Versace, drinking champagne. Her incredible habit of creating custom Zizi Donohoe (her line of furry shoes) ephemera, like a copy of the Zizi Donohoe Times or the pack of Donohoe cigarettes.

Naturally, we expected nothing less than what we got when we walked inside her West Hollywood home: nonstop nods to unapologetic ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s glamour. There was gold, marble, fur at almost every turn. There were Zsa Zsa Gabor memoirs. There were life-sized tiger figurines and an entire closet of silky Versace shirts, which Donohoe splits with her boyfriend. She put it best when she told us of herself, “I kind of live in a fictitious ’80s Hollywood-Beverly-Hills scenario in my mind. I dress accordingly.”

And then there was Daisy herself. Offering us equal parts tea and champagne, she filled us in on how she went from presenting mink slides as her thesis collection at the prestigious London College of Fashion to living the very IRL manifestation of her brand in Los Angeles. See for yourself (and the stories behind her, well, everything), and click through the slideshow below. Also, shop her style here.