inside shelley and teddy sanders closet

The Couple Behind The Last Line Have Closets Overflowing with Jewels & Vintage

Let’s just say that, in addition to jewelry, Shelley and Teddy Sanders know a thing or two about vintage. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

As we drove up through the windy hills of Beverly Hills, we took turns guessing what the home (and closets) of Shelley and Teddy Sanders would look like. The couple founded direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand The Last Line, known for its sparkly and colorful pieces, in July of 2017, but the two were working in creative fields long before that. Teddy started off as a fine artist before switching over to photography, and after Shelley graduated from the fine arts program at Parsons, she worked in jewelry licensing and consulting. As she put it: “Basically, if there was a celebrity that designed a jewelry line in the early 2000s, I designed it.” You see why our bets were placed on the fact that their home would be equally as charming and drool-worthy as their brand? Turns out we were right.

Their home undoubtedly screamed California living. It became very clear quite quickly that thoughtful design lends itself to all areas of the couple’s lives. From their white-and-gold bathrooms and Moroccan rugs to their children’s rooms, where we spotted Hermès blankets and neon signs, there was no corner of the home that was left untouched by an element of design—closets included.

And there were two of them—one on either side of the bedroom. In Teddy’s, the shelves were filled with some of the best vintage we’ve ever seen, and he sure does love his Dickies. As for Shelley, her wardrobe was filled with flowy, floor-length vintage dresses and Birkin bags. Did we mention all the CHANEL? The fun reached a peak level once we got our hands on the jewelry—it is their business, you know?

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