September 2018 Horoscopes: Leo

September 2018 Horoscopes: Leo


Hannah Becker

Under the Virgo new moon in your money zone, it’s time to reset your financial goals. If you don’t have any, this can be as simple as thinking up some things you’d like to buy, and manifesting them by planning exactly how you’ll earn the cash to get them. It feels like magic! A lucky sync between ambition planets Jupiter and Pluto on the 12th lays the groundwork for this by making sure that your heart is in the right place and that your daily grind is actually supporting you. It could be as major as getting a new job in a new city, or as mundane as joining a gym in a new neighborhood. Either way, you’ll have lots of new people to talk to once the sun moves into your community sector on the 22nd. When the Aries full moon lights up your brave ninth house on the 24th, see if you can stretch a little more towards what you want. 

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