What a Beauty Exec’s Bathroom *Actually* Looks Like

It’s every bit as glamorous as you’d expect.

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Alec Kugler

Of all the rooms in your home that can be frustrating to decorate, the bathroom is probably the hardest. Especially if you can’t make any major renovations—how can you make it feel a little more special?

To find out, we sought out Lauren Remington Platt, founder of the luxury beauty service Vênsette (they’ll send a hairstylist or makeup artist to you whenever you need them—fancy) and spent a good hour rooting around in the bathroom in her downtown loft. Every aspect of the room was considered—from the wall color (from Restoration Hardware, it’s called Subtle Velvet) to the lucite fixtures—and it shows.

Click through to see exactly how she did it and which products she stocks her cabinets with.


“While working as an analyst at a hedge fund back in 2010, I was constantly strapped for time, especially evenings when I had events to attend after work. My office was in Midtown, and I would find myself running to salons to try to get a walk-in blowout or to the makeup counters at Saks Fifth Avenue for a quick touch-up. I thought of the idea for Vênsette back when Uber ha[d] just launched, and I was interested in this idea of using technology to make exclusive services accessible to a broader demographic. The salon model hadn’t changed in decades and was ripe for disruption. The way it works is, you log onto our app (or website), choose your date, time and hair and makeup look, and book with your credit card. A uniformed artist will arrive at your desired location with their tools in hand.”

“I wanted my bathroom to not feel like a typical bathroom, but rather an extension of my apartment. I love the look of oil paintings against the tile of the bathroom as well as personal items to make it feel more like a living area. I am a big bath person, and wanted to create an environment that was relaxing and conducive to long stints in the tub.”

“When I chose my apartment, one of my must-haves was natural light in the bathroom and a large bathtub. I love that the window in my bathroom makes up an entire wall. Because I didn’t want to compromise the great natural light with privacy, I put a sheer curtain over the window and hung [a] giant antique mirror that covers most of the window while making the bathroom seem larger.”

“To emphasize my apartment’s 14-foot ceilings, I also moved the shower curtain up higher so it is only six inches from the ceiling. This makes the bathroom seem much more elegant and spacious than it actually is. Additionally, I used my sister’s lucite company, Lux Holdups, to [create] all custom lucite bathroom towel [rods], curtain rods, etc. As a result, the towel rack reflects light, absorbs the color, and makes the room seem bigger.”

“I don’t wear much makeup during the day other than lip gloss and mascara, but at night I love our CEO smoky eye in dark amber. Browns pop a lot better with my green eye color than black. I love Armani silk foundation, and I also started using Clé de Peau’s foundation, which is fantastic.”

“The last truly great product I tried was Tata Harper’s Nutrient Rich oil stick and Fresh’s Umbrian Clay masks.”

“I try to steam or sauna two to three times a week. For me this is one of my greatest indulgences. Once a month I visit my facialist in New Jersey, where I grew up. Her name is Maria Oricchio, and she works at Place Vendome Spa. I have been going to her since I was 14, when my mother took me for the first time, and I haven’t veered too far away from her since. She is originally from Salerno, Italy, and she introduced me to Henri Barre products that are made in Brescia.”

“All the antique silver are family Heirlooms. My grandmother loved to store all her jewelry in silver dishes. The clock was a gift from my father, and the marble bathroom vanity set was a gift from my mother when I closed my first round of financing for Vensette.”