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How to Beat the Humidity in 60 Seconds

Garden-wedding (and scorching-heat) beauty hacks to keep you from losing your cool.

In 60 Seconds
How to Beat the Humidity in 60 Seconds
So you’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment. Or you woke up in Vegas this morning and decided that the person you’re with would make an excellent life partner, and today is the perfect day for getting hitched—no judgment. But the bottom line is you’re about to say your “I dos,” and suddenly the romantic vision you had of exchanging vows under the willow tree (or in the desert; read: Vegas) is clouded by visions of your hair swelling six times its size in frizz and by your brow shadow literally melting into your line of sight. Or perhaps you’re a guest of said matrimonial union, and all this talk about having found love in a hopeless place is causing you to anxiously perspire through your unlined silk slip dress.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for midsummer night nuptials—the heat, the open bar, the ample well-suited options available for the single bridesmaids and guests (see, we got you). But let’s be real, there will be a hell of a lot of photographic evidence to remind you of all the night’s heat-induced calamities for decades to come, and we wouldn’t want the IRL sweaty aftermath to keep you in the ladies’ room for half the night. That’s why we dialed up the hair and makeup pros, with a catalog of model clientele, to help us keep our cool...even in 100-degree summer heat.


1. When you feel like your face is melting off


“If you tend to get very oily very quickly, then you may want to pack some blot films (Clean and Clear) or a good translucent powder (Two Faced Primed and Poreless is an all-time fave),” says Sabrina Rinaldi, whose roster of top-model clients includes Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, and Sigrid Agren.


“Bring Evian water spray to hydrate skin,” says Nico Guilis, Dree Hemingway’s go-to makeup artist. “For a quick fix, spray a mist under the eyes and over cheeks, then apply blush to look pretty and freshen up. In the morning, apply Skin Trip organic coconut body lotion; it’s not greasy, so you can apply your makeup on top and it won’t fall off.”

2. (Don’t) stay thirsty, friends


“Keeping hydrated is so important—and this includes avoiding alcohol,” says Melanie Cruickshank, founder of da lish cosmetics, an all-natural beauty line (and GOOP fan favorite).  “Use a rosewater toner for keeping the skin well hydrated and to get a fabulous healthy glow. Plus, you can spritz it overtop your final look to seal your makeup.”

3. When the humidity is causing you to frizz out


“Each bride should carry a mini hair spray and a dry styling oil—a spritz of the oil first, followed by a light mist of hair spray controls most things,” says Marilisa Sears, who’s keyed hairstyles for Dsquared2 and Versace’s runways—and Tilda Swinton. But try to keep a hands-off policy: “Over-touching messes with your hair’s natural oils and can lead to hair frizzing faster.”


“Make sure the style you choose is conducive to the type of wedding youre having,” says Mara Roszak, who’s responsible for Emma Stone’s wicked looks. “If its very windy, if dancing through the night is in the cards, make sure you pick a style you wont want to fuss with and is comfortable for a long night.”

4. When your curls start coming undone

“Hair drops at a different rate for everyone, depending on hair type and the style you are going for. Keep a small pair of curling tongs nearby for any curls that are not willing to cooperate,” she adds. But if your side-swept half-do starts unraveling when the DJ drops “Single Ladies” (because RIP), then don’t sweat it—literally. “If you tend to perspire on the dance floor, a mini dry shampoo will keep your hair from falling flat: Flip your head over, and spray at the roots to dry your hair without messing with the ends.” —Sears

5. Wash the night before

“I suggest washing the hair the night before, allowing it to be clean, while not overly clean. On the day of, use a mousse like LOreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Volume Inject Mousse, which builds volume and holds during a blowout. Adding a bit of Oléo Therapy Oil Essence from mid-length to the ends will also help with frizz shielding.” —Roszak

6. Have deodorant on standby

This may seem out-of-our-minds obvious, but slathering on deodorant in the morning—and as needed—is the secret to keeping dry and cool during your special day. And we’re not just talking pits here: Apply a thin layer between your thighs and also on the soles of your feet—they’ll prevent sweat and keep your feet from slipping out of your Manolos on the d floor.

7. Baby powder—what doesn’t it fix?

Your go-to in high school for getting you through day five of not washing your hair (even if a milky film at your roots was a dead giveaway; #noshame), baby powder will make you feel so fresh and clean when you’re overheating under all that crinoline. Apply between the thighs, and feel the sweet, breezy relief.

—Ava Baccari

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