August 2018 Horoscopes: Sagittarius


By: Amelia Quint
Illustration: Hannah Becker

Thanks to the Leo eclipses of the last few years, you’ve expanded into some pretty ambitious projects in publishing, media, travel, or academia. The Leo partial solar eclipse on the 11th marks a new, exciting chapter of that journey that will take you to places you’d previously only pinned to your vision board! Mars retrograde into your self-worth sector the following day could make you wonder if the other shoe is going to drop, but an openhearted message from Mercury direct on the 19th assures you that things really are as good as they seem. If you still feel wary, know that everything pays off once Mars is direct on the 27th! When spiritual planets Jupiter and Neptune align that same day, you feel like an emotional weight has been lifted—but don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Under the Pisces full moon, talk to someone who can help you work through those feelings, whether it’s an intuitive friend, therapist, or even a psychic.


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