Maison Du Soir’s Pajamas Are Made for Parties, Instagram, and, Yes, Sleep

Founder Courtney Kates Garcia never had plans to work in the fashion industry—until a pair of pajamas changed her life.

maison du soir sleepwear
Long gone are the days when wearing pjs for the day meant youd be staying indoors, popcorn in hand and Netflix running on autoplay. Now loungewear and pjs have taken on the form of lush cotton, crisp linens, or buttery silks in well-tailored sets that are so good they can be worn outside. And they are—to work, to dinner, to your in-laws, its all perfectly appropriate! Maison Du Soir, which launched in 2013 by Courtney Kates Garcia, had a part in the movement.

While Garcia never had a dream to work in fashion, one thing to led to another after she treated herself to a particularly luxurious pair of pjs. Now she designs and manufactures loungewear and sleepwear in sunny L.A.—there are robes (yellow and floral that would look unreal with a pair of slingbacks), rompers, and some of the cutest sets weve ever seen. So cute, in fact, that we decided to team up with Garcia for an exclusive Coveteur and Maison Du Soir collab. We sat down with Garcia to chat about how she got started, what it was like launching her own company, and where we can find her on a Sunday afternoon.


Her first fashion memory:

“My mom and my grandmother were very stylish and fashion-forward. I remember going shopping with them and still remember some incredible pieces that my mom had.

“My grandmother would take me shopping for school every year. I distinctly remember one year I picked out these black suede colorblock boots, with a purple and red colorblock, off-the-shoulder sweater. So ’80s.”

She would have guessed she’d end up in fashion:

“My friend had a job at a clothing company and loved her job. They were hiring—I loved fashion, so figured I would give it a try. It was all kind of by accident—I didn’t go to fashion school or have this lifelong dream of working in fashion. Life takes you interesting places you never can imagine, and just because you don’t have experience in something, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.”

maison du soir sleepwear
Yet she still (thankfully) took a leap of faith:

“[Starting my own line was] terrifying, but I was tired of playing it safe and feeling unsatisfied with my work. It has ultimately changed my life and my outlook on life incredibly.

“There were financial hurdles, of course. I self-funded everything with the salary of my full-time job and little savings. It was tough navigating the Los Angeles manufacturers and producing small runs. People can be brutally unhelpful.”

All thanks to her love for pajamas:

“[It all started] when I was working long hours in my corporate job and decided to treat myself to my first set of nice pajamas. It was life-changing. The pajamas made me feel better about myself, and simultaneously, it dawned on me the lack of effort we put into our sleepwear versus our daywear.”

“... Just because you don’t have experience in something doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.”

Her ideal pajama set:

“My ideal set is fashionable and flattering, but still comfortable. Although we do offer sexier pieces like lace camisoles and shortie shorts, that’s not really my jam. I’m an understated sexy kind of gal.”

And how she dresses her loungewear up for a night out:

“I love pairing the classic pajama blouses with denim and heels or throwing our printed kimonos over a tank and high-waisted jeans.”

The Maison Du Soir woman in three words:

“Classy, fashionable, confident.”

Her ideal place to be completely offline:

“We frequent Spain a lot because my husband is from there, but our next trip will be Italy or Greece. Whenever I’m out of the country, it’s easier for me to disconnect.”

maison du soir sleepwear
Where you can find her on a Sunday afternoon:

“I have a newborn, so right now my weekends are spent enjoying her (or answering Her Majesty’s demands) at home, maybe some lounging by the pool or having a meal with friends. The simple, good life.”

The three things she would bring to a desert island (hint: no pajamas are involved):

“OK, let’s just say I have food, water, a fire starter and machete—I’ve watched Naked and Afraid. I would bring my Kopari lip balm, a ponytail rubber band, and my family. I should have put that in a different order.”

Luxury is:

“The highest quality.”

Photo: Shot on site at The Mark Hotel.

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