wedding dresses for women with bigger busts

28 Chic Wedding Dresses for Women with Bigger Busts

Shop the best bra-friendly bridal looks for every type of wedding.

As we’re currently in the heart of wedding season, many of us have been passing images of *the dress* back and forth in group chats like it’s an exceptionally glamorous game of Ping-Pong. Or, what could be the dress, if the bride is feeling brave enough to make a decision. Maybe you’re even shopping for yourself (congrats!), but unfortunately you keep hitting the same obstacle over and over—will you be able to wear a bra in that backless cream confection? Will those spaghetti straps stretch and fall by the ceremony’s end?

Finding a wedding dress that can accomodate a larger chest is a particularly pressing, and often overlooked, concern for many of today’s brides, given that the average bra size for American women in 2013 was 34DD. But don’t assume you have yet another stressful thing to add to your bridal checklist—we’ve found 28 chic dresses for any type of wedding that are totally bra-friendly. Now get back to texting your girlfriends 50 times per day.

For the bride who doesn’t have the wedding-crazy gene

To hell with the bridal industry—we say embrace your non-traditional side with an unexpected silhouette or material.

For the bride who doesn’t want to leave the city

Whether your ceremony is at city hall or on an industrial rooftop, a sleek, modern look is a must-have when you’re dashing between traffic for that iconic middle-of-the-city-street shot.

For the bride who is a little bit extra

It’s your day, and you can wear all the sequins and feathers if you want to.

For the bride who embraces her inner romantic

Soft tulle, ruffles, and lace are classics for a reason, and we are here for it.
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