inside mikiel benyamin closet

Inside the Vintage-Heavy Closet of Bella Thorne’s Stylist

Mikiel Benyamin has worked with the likes of Cardi B, SZA, and Bella Thorne, and he’s got the closet to show for it. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tristan Kallas

He was styling Cardi B pre-“Bodak Yellow” (leading up to it and for the video itself), is Bella Thorne’s go-to for everything from tours to daily appearances, works with Keke Palmer on the reg, and has styled the likes of SZA, Normani, Dascha Polanco...just to name a few. As for his own style? On any given day, you can catch New York-born stylist Mikiel Benyamin with a Gucci fanny pack slung over his shoulder and a vintage tee on.

The day we met up with him was no different—except that the fanny pack resided on the coffee table in his living room, and he was deciding between three or four different tees he was going to wear for his portraits. As Benyamin showed us all of his favorite designer goods that occupied a rolling rack at the side of the room, he told us a few stories about styling the aforementioned names, including the one time he styled Palmer for her own Coveteur closet shoot. It all comes full circle, guys.

As we loaded up our arms with MCM backpacks and Vetements hoodies, Benyamin continued to pepper us with stories about working with Versace and going on tour with Bella Thorne. And as we balanced Valentino sunnies on his side table lamp, he went into detail about how incredible it was to work with SZA.

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