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A Dutch Model’s Secret to Getting Rosy Cheeks & Glowing Skin

Victoria’s Secret model Sanne Vloet has that angel glow.

sanne vloet
Alec Kugler
It only took us an instant—and an Instagram scroll and zoom—to realize we needed to interrogate Dutch model Sanne Vloet about what she uses on her glowing skin. We had to know every minute detail of her entire routine. We even followed her to her workout, because, friends, that’s also part of her skin-care regimen. From the moment her Bambi eyelashes open in the morning to her multi-step exfoliating night routine (plus, all the in-flight skin care and hair revivers in between), her entire vanity of products adds up to a cherubic glow with nary a blemish or spot in sight. Luckily, we took diligent notes of all the products she uses daily, so we can try to get that Victoria Secret Angel glow, too.


In the AM:

“The first thing I do is step in the shower and use the M-61 Vitamin C Scrub & Mask with papaya two to three times a week. When I come out of the shower, I cleanse again with Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution to remove any leftover makeup. Then I start with a day serum from Drunk Elephant—they have a really nice collection for dry skin, which, with all the traveling I do, I really need. On top of that, I use Guerlain Watery Oil. It has golden flakes in it and honey—it feels really nice and leaves my skin really hydrated. I’ll put a little bit of extra hydration on with La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream. For my eye treatment, I use Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Cream. I finish off with Dr. Pawpaw lip balm.”

The makeup look she’s regretted:

“[Laughs] I wore really dark eyeliner all around my eyes, like I was a panda! All over the top and all over the bottom. Like, why?”

Her go-to travel beauty essentials:

“I always have eye masks or face masks for the long-haul flights. Saturday Skin has these really nice hydration masks, and I really like those. I also take a day cream with me on the plane because it’s really easy to travel with.”

How to get that Dutch-girl glow:

“A Dutch beauty secret is that less is more. I hear very often like that we have such rosy cheeks. That healthy look of being outside and not using a lot of makeup. It’s taking care of your skin by using great skin-care products instead of covering up bad skin with makeup.”

Her daily makeup routine:

“On a daily basis, I use a Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s very light—I don’t like to overdo the skin because you want to keep it natural. I use a little bit of foundation and then YSL concealer, and a little bit of contouring with Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate. My all-time favorite mascara is from Lancôme. For my eyebrows, I always fill them in a little bit with MAC eyebrow pencil. For my lips, I use a Tarte, it’s not really a lip gloss or a lipstick, it’s a lip balm—it has a little bit of color but still very natural. That’s basically it!”

sanne vloet
The weirdest beauty product she’s tried:

“I was not really into makeup [at the time] and found it really hard to do a smoky eye. I found these ‘stickers’ with eyeshadow on them. You leave the sticker on your eyelid and take it off, and it’s supposed to leave you with a smoky eye immediately. It didn’t really work—it was kind of a disaster. [Laughs] It was my first time and last time [using it].”

Beauty treatments she loves:

“Hamman, where you do a full-body scruff. You really feel like it softens your skin. I also love to spend time in a sauna. In New York, I go to Higher Dose or the Four Seasons Spa for a massage and facials.”

sanne vloet
The product she uses post-workout:

“Especially after a workout or sauna, my skin needs extra treatment. I just use coconut oil on my body, face, and also in my hair.”

What she uses in her hair:

“During the day, I use a Bumble & bumble Surf Spray for some texture. Once in a while, I’ll use argan oil on my ends before bed, and the next day I’ll wake up with shiny hair.”

In the PM:

“It’s similar to the morning: I take off everything with Bioderma Sensibio again. Twice a week, I use an M-61 Power Peel—it really cleans up your skin, especially for when I have a little outbreak. In the shower, I use the Fresh Soy Cleanser. I then follow with Drunk Elephant Night Serum, and M-61 Hydraboost Serum, which has an oily texture but is oil-free. After that, I like to use a night cream, or twice a week I do an overnight face mask—Fresh does a really nice Black Tea one. It’s super easy.”

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