isabel marant makeup line predictions

We Predict the French Beauty Staples in Isabel Marant’s Upcoming Makeup Line

And match them to our favorite clothes and accessories she sells right now.

By: Katie Becker
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Announced today, iconic French designer Isabel Marant will be creating a five-product makeup line with L’Oreal, according to WWD. We already give the bohemian fashion label all our money (their boutique is a stone’s throw from Coveteur HQ in SoHo, New York), so now we’re really going to need to start that side hustle we’ve been talking about—there’s no way we won’t want the undoubtedly pretty products that will garner a million compliments and Instagram likes. The imagination runs wild! Here, our beauty director, Katie Becker, shops her most coveted Isabel Marant items right now and predicts the matching products we pray will hit our vanities when it launches in September.

A sheer red lipstick à la the Eina Ruffled Maxi Dress: What’s a French makeup line without red lipstick? To make it truly Parisian chic, I’d want a lip stain formula that instantly looks like I put on a red lipstick hours ago only to have it worn away by croissants and wineglasses. This sheer dress is giving me similar vibes.

A lazy, smudgy black eyeliner à la the Eewa Bag: I like the idea of a dash of deep black kohl that gives you sexy, smoldering eyes that stand out across a dimly lit restaurant. Plus, you can skip the mascara. I consider the slouchy black hobo an inspiration.

A dewy cream highlighter à la the Delfina Metallic Skirt: All the French women I meet claim they do *nothing* to earn their amazing complexions. We know that’s a lie because, hello, there are only three million iconic skin-care brands out of the country—someone is using the stuff. But regardless of your routine (covert or not), the best way to fake great skin is with a pretty highlighter. I picture a pot cream highlighter without a fleck of glitter, but plenty of glow—not unlike this shiny silver skirt.

A "post-romp" flush blush à la the Aloha Earrings: Americans may want a post-workout flush, but the French equivalent removes the gym…and the clothing. I can picture a pretty cream blush meant to be dabbed onto the cheeks with just a finger—blending effortlessly, no mirror needed. To me, these statement earrings are as close to wearing blush as an accessory can get.

A clear brow pomade à la the Shearling Clog: Done but not done is the name of the French beauty game. A clear brow gel will make your brows took tamed without filling them in and making them too perfect. I love the idea of a matte brow gel or pomade that anyone can use. It will give your brows that “fluffy” look—fluffy like these insanely cozy-looking clogs.