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Nicole Richie Fully Supports Wearing a Fanny Pack

We played a round of 20 Questions with the House of Harlow founder.

Nicole Richie Fully Supports Wearing a Fanny Pack
Tristan Kallas
Nicole Richie hates tweaking her diet for the sake of her skin just as much as we all do. “If you’re starting to get a breakout, it usually has to do with what you’re eating, and if you change that, it’ll clear out faster than if you use a product. But, like, let me eat this piece of cheese, please,” says the reality star turned designer/actress/author with a laugh as we chat in her Los Angeles hotel room. “Let me live my damn life!” That struggle is too real for us all! Aside from bemoaning our mutual love of dairy, the 36-year-old mother of two genuinely loves the beauty game, especially caring for her skin so she can go makeup-free. “Skin care: I let my skin breathe. I’m all about a moisturizer, not foundation. If I have a little spot that needs tending to, just a little dab of concealer and that’s it. [And] P-50 [toner from] Biologique Recherche. I have to dilute it with water a little bit because I’m sensitive.”

We sat down with Richie—who is also the new face of Urban Decay’s TROUBLEMAKER mascara—to play a round of rapid-fire 20-ish Questions. In our opinion, it’s the fastest way to discover who a person truly is, especially when it comes to the important stuff—like how fanny packs are actually incredible and why winter is a truly underrated season.


Coveteur: “Time for 20 Questions!”

Nicole Richie: “Here we go!”

Cov: “Everyday makeup look?”

NR: “Every day I don’t wear makeup. So if I’m going to do anything, [it’s] under-eye concealer and a little mascara, because the eyes are the first thing people look at, so you want to look alive.”

Cov: “Would you rather be too hot or too cold?”

NR: “Too hot. It also never happens, because I’m always cold. I love the heat on 90 degrees.”

Cov: “Shower in the morning or at night?”

NR: “Both, duh. Shower in the morning to get the day going, and then shower in the evening to scrub the day off of you. You can’t get in your bed with all that energy and everyone touching you.”

Cov: “FaceTime or text?”

NR: “To who?”

Cov: “Your best friend.”

NR: “FaceTime.”

Cov: “To anyone else?”

NR: “Text. And when it’s your best friend, FaceTime 30 times until they answer. You know, if they’re not answering, they must not hear me. So we’re going to do it again. [laughs].”

Cov: “Skateboarders or surfers?”

NR: “I’m going to go with surfers because I’m obsessed with the ocean, and I find it so brave that girls and guys can go out there and like, be at one with the water. That is amazing to me.”

Cov: “Coffee or tea?”

NR: “Coffee, until I get heart palpitations, and then we’re going switch to a tea.”

Cov: “Facial or massage?”

NR: “A facial. I don’t like a massage, I’m very ticklish.”

Cov: “Face wash or makeup wipes?”

NR: “Face wash.”

Cov: “Chocolate or vanilla?”

NR: “I don’t like either. I’m not like, a sweets person.”

Cov: “Beach or mountains?”

NR: “Summer or winter?”

Cov: “Fall.”

NR: “Fall, then we’re over the summer, and we just want to like, be cozy in the mountains.”

Cov: “Okay, summer or winter?”

NR: “Winter.”

Cov: “Really? That’s surprising.”

NR: “Yes. I like the summer, you know, you can wear cute little outfits, but I’m a winter girl. I like to layer. I like a hundred clothes on my body. I like to blast the heat, cozy up, watch a good ’90s romantic comedy. That’s what winter’s all about. Apple cider. You know, you can’t do that in the summer. You’ll just get stung by bees all day.”

Cov: “What do you do in L.A. then?”

NR: “When it’s below 70, I pretend it’s snowing and I wrap myself in every article of clothing that I have.”

Cov: “OK, fair enough. Diamonds or pearls?”

NR: “Diamonds.”

Cov: “Denim or velvet?”

NR: “Both.”

Cov: “Leather or lace?”

NR: “Ooh, both! We’ve got to combine the textures.”

Cov: “Plane ride or boat ride?”

NR: “I took a boat ride recently, I threw up. So, I guess we’ll go with a plane ride. I get a little sick on planes, too. Maybe I’m a walking type of person.”

Cov: “That’s OK! Bags or shoes?”

NR: “Shoes. Sometimes I don’t want a bag. Sometimes I wanna like, be free. Unless we’re talking about a fanny pack, then I am down.”

Cov: “You like the fanny pack?”

NR: “I love a good fanny pack! Everything you need, right here.”

Cov: “Book or iPad?”

NR: “Book. I’m very sensitive to electronics. They hurt my hands, I feel like I’m not meant to have them. Except for this [iPhone].”

Cov: “Blond hair or pastel hair?”

NR: “You’ve got to switch it up in life. You’ve got to switch it up.”

Cov: “Silver or gold?”

NR: “Gold. I like to mix metals. I like wearing silver and gold together.”

Cov: “Yellow gold or rose gold?”

NR: “All of them!”

Cov: “Last one! What’s your favorite Lionel Richie song?”

NR: “‘Ballerina Girl’ is a favorite because it’s for me. But I recently saw my dad perform, and when he sings ‘Dancing on the Ceiling,’ he gets so excited that you just get excited for him. You’re like, ‘You are so happy that you’ve just made this my favorite song.’”

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