natasha poly

The One Anti-Aging Product a 55-Time Vogue Cover Model Swears By

We’re buying it in bulk.

By: Katie Becker
Photography: Jon Gorrigan

When I was preparing for my interview with supermodel Natasha Poly, my fellow Coveteur editors had one question they all insisted I ask: How does she do it? And they didn’t just mean how does the Russian-born model look the way she does (we know really, really good DNA is part of it), but how does this mother and hardworking 55-time Vogue cover model juggle a schedule that has her jetting around the world, walking her signature walk down the runway season after season, and on the cover of international magazines almost monthly, yet maintain a healthy, rested life at her home base in Amsterdam? Oh, and also, how does she look like that?

During my phone call with Poly, following our epic, exclusive photo shoot with her at The London EDITION Hotel, I will say my biggest takeaway was that she really knows her beauty stuff and she has an in-flight routine down pat. But most important, she has a strong sense of what’s important to her in both her home life and career. Below, read about her current thoughts on the modeling industry, her favorite beauty products, and how she became friends with hairstylist Jen Atkin.


“I’m definitely health-focused; I’m always making sure I sleep at least eight hours. That’s my normal sleep routine; I need [it] every day. If I’m rested, I can do everything else: play with my daughter, get her ready for school, playdates, and going to the park.”

“I’m doing a special workout with a lot of heat. It’s a Tracey Anderson heated Pilates thing. I do that at home.”

“I travel a lot—almost every week. New York is only six hours away from London, and Paris is one hour away. [But] I like to be active and create.”

“I like to do shoots and shows. That’s not my job, but more like my hobby. My daughter comes first. I never understood that at first, people being so obsessed with their kids, and now I’m that obsessed mom. It’s really good to be balanced in life. It’s important for women to have a job and be a mom. It’s different for everyone, but I like to be creative and busy and also a mom.”

On health tips while traveling: “I try to eat more green vegetables during flights. Sometimes I’ll make my own salad with greens and tomatoes. In the plane, the food is really not the best, the salads are the worst. Also, I don't have coffee on planes because it really dehydrates you. When you land, then you can have a little coffee, but on the flight you should avoid it. I drink a lot of water for sure. I try to sleep most of the time when I’m on a long flight.”

“When I’m traveling to the States, I do a workout in the morning when I’m full of energy, like going for a run outside on the West Side highway in New York—it’s the best running over there. I think it’s hard to work out right after a flight, unless it’s a bikini shoot, then I’ll work out twice.”

On bringing good energy to shoots and shows: “If you’re tired and stressed, you’re going to give the same to people around you, and that’s not cute. We have to look good, we have work, you have to do everything—women are superhuman and can do everything.”

On her favorite beauty products:Odacité cream—I love it. I’m really obsessed, it is so nice and soft. I was in New York, and my skin was peeling off [it was so dry], and my normal cream wasn’t helping. My friend has such beautiful skin, and she told me about this cream. When she said it has no chemicals, I wasn’t sure it would work for me, but I bought everything: all the serums and the creams. I’m amazed at how my skin turned out.”

On her skin-care routine: “My deep-cleaning routine is mostly in the evening, using the Clarisonic brush for sensitive skin. Afterward I apply toner by Aesop, then Odacité night cream with different serums: Youthful Glow, Vitamin C Colette, and Dull Skin. In the morning, if I feel puffy and I have a shoot and look tight, I use the Sisley Black Rose Mask. It’s a really good one. It plumps everything and makes me look very fresh. I also like the Firming Serum from Tracie Martyn and Odacite Day Cream with the serums.”

“I prefer to use a foundation or concealer with SPF. In the summer I apply the Biotherm Face Sunscreen SPF 50. I started using the LightStim with the orange light. I do it after applying skin care, and I feel like [the products] go in deeper with the light.”

“I discovered the eye patches from Swiss Perfection. They're not so greasy, and absorb for twenty minutes. They're really good to apply before shoots. Then I’m ready for makeup.”

“On a daily basis I don’t wear much makeup because I think skin needs to be rested—it’s good to let skin breathe. But in a big city, if you have a layer of makeup, it can also protect your skin. I use the concealer from Laura Mercier with a thicker texture. I just correct my spots and under my eyes, and that’s a good base. Then a little bit of eyebrows and contouring.”

“[I like] Ouai Rose Oil for hair—it’s a really nice oil and absorbs easily. It has a really nice smell. I apply after washing my hair, and then it’s easy to brush. I have really straight roots and horrible ends that are falling off, and that calms them down. [Jen Atkin and I] did a lot of shows when she used to be backstage assisting [at fashion week]. We met then, and when she started doing her own thing, I asked her to do my hair when she’s in Paris. We hang out and catch up. I love her products.”

On her favorite fragrance:Le Labo Jasmin 17 smells so good. I like every perfume from that brand, it’s really crazy. There’s not a bad smell.”

“I color my hair with Christophe Robin [in Paris], he’s so cool, so funny, his humor is everything. And his products, too, like the Lavender Oil, and the special color shampoo for blondes is a good quick fix if your hair is losing color. I also go to Lena Ott at Suite Caroline [in New York]. Her colors are amazing. She knows exactly what you want. She can do this nice baby blonde.”

“I just pluck under my eyebrows myself. I don’t have thick eyebrows, so I don’t work on it too much. I’m lucky.”

“When I travel I take an oil from Odacité. If it’s a long flight, you can really feel it [dry out your skin], so I apply [while in the air] and drink water… It really dehydrates you from inside.”

On her beauty icons: “Brigitte Bardot is number one for me, for her beauty and makeup and hair. She was very rock-and-roll and chic, very sexy and naughty. And Grace Kelly, who is opposite, but with the elegance and the royalty. Those two are my inspirations all the time.”

On diversity in modeling today: “It makes me feel so powerful now. It feeds me and makes me feel stronger, all these messages. We have a voice, and we don’t have to be one type. No matter your skin color and body shape. It’s amazing there's so much celebration of freedom. We don't have to listen to this old-fashioned way, being trapped. I’m so proud, and I’m so happy my daughter is living in this time. She’s going to have so much freedom. It’s finally happening and happening really strongly, like fireworks.”

“Backstage there has been less pressure. There's less stiffness. All the girls on the lineups have a message to say or image to promote or a charity. Before it was very strict; the girls had to look very specific. All like silent dolls. Now people want to hear what you have to say, your interests and hobbies. It’s so cool. Finally.”