june 2018 horoscopes

Your June 2018 Horoscopes Are Here!

It’s time to get the F out and go on a holiday. And more in your horoscopes, right this way.

Hannah Becker
This month’s stars are aligned for an amazing vacation, so grab your suitcase, call your friends, and make your getaway! Intense Mars starting its retrograde phase on the 26th is a classic indicator of burnout—which is exactly why you should take some time off and recover. This will last until August, so spend as much time off the grid or working behind the scenes as your schedule will allow. Once you take your “out of office” message down at the end of this summer, people will be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished.

Mars retrograde is also known for stirring up drama, so that’s even more incentive to escape for a while. Don’t engage with haters, no matter how tempting that might be! Fortunately, a talkative Gemini new moon on the 13th and a no-nonsense Capricorn full moon on the 28th will make sure everyone’s intentions are out in the open. As long as you stay above the fray, you’ll be in the clear!

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