6 Elegant Dress Styles That Are Perfect for Weddings

Plus, shop the 44 dresses we’re loving right now.

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In case you’ve been on a self-inflicted social media ban over the past few weeks, be advised that wedding season is in full swing. That means your feed is about to be jammed with gratuitous ring selfies, and elaborate save-the-dates are floating their way into your mailbox as we speak. Whether you rejoice in your friends’ impending matrimonial bliss or feel utterly annoyed by all the fanfare, we like to think of weddings as an opportunity to snag a cute new outfit. All the better to wow those friends you only see once or twice a year.

In order to make your shopping quick and easy, we recommend one of the following six (nearly foolproof) styles for any spring or summer wedding. Check out the 44 styles we’re loving below!

1. A chic floral dress that will make the bridesmaids jealous

2. Cutouts and off-the-shoulder details lend a stylish twist to classic silhouettes

3. Channel your inner Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with classic polka dots

4. Slinky slip dresses are always chic—just double-check the dress code with the couple if it’s a church ceremony

5. If you want, screw the dress and rock a jumpsuit

6. When in doubt, a little black dress works every time

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