Multi-Hyphenate Blanca Miró Always Packs This One Essential in Her Designer Bags

We caught up with the Barcelona native post-boat-ride off the coast of Cannes.

By: Jodi Taylor
Videographer: Renée Rodenkirchen

It doesn’t get much more chic than attending Cannes with Louis Vuitton to not only witness the brand's much-beloved resort show, but also spend your days strolling down La Croisette and taking boat trips to Île Saint-Honorat, an island off the coast of southern France. Even better when you get to spend those days with the lovely fashion consultant slash street-style star slash designer Blanca Miró. We’re putting extra stress on the word lovely because the multi-hyphenate was quite possibly the most laid-back, kind, and easygoing woman ever.

In the afternoon post-cruise and pre-show (which, by the way, was a collaboration with none other than Grace Coddington this year), we chilled out with Miró in her room at the Carleton to chat about her first Louis Vuitton memories, the essentials she always carries in her bag, and the three projects she’s currently working on.



How would you describe the Louis Vuitton woman?

“I think the Louis Vuitton woman is a very secure woman [who] walks in an effortlessly chic way. She’s a very strong woman with a lot of attitude.”

And how would you describe your own personal style?

“I really like to mix different styles. For example, vintage clothing with punk shoes. For me, fashion has to be fun, and that’s why I like to do very crazy mixes. Every time I make my look, it’s not a simple look; it’s an outfit that has a story behind it. [Dressing] is an art, a way of expressing yourself. Every time I travel somewhere, I try to find vintage stores and treasures.”

What is your earliest Louis Vuitton memory?

“I remember my grandma wearing the [Speedy] bag with the monogram. I think Louis Vuitton was one of the first to elevate the logo to a trend, and now loads of brands are doing this. I really like that they were the pioneer on that. I remember my grandma and then my mom, also, and now I have the bags from [them], so that’s nice. My family all loves fashion, and I think that’s why I love it, too. Since I was very, very little I would play in my mom’s closet when I was five years old. I was like her stylist [laughs].”


What are your favorite Louis Vuitton pieces?

“My favorite pieces of LV are more different ones, not the classics. I love the classic ones, but when they’re vintage. Now I like to have the weird ones from the exclusive collections. I feel like they are treasures, and you can collect them.”

Favorite part of this trip?

“It was an experience to all be together [on the boat] and to go visit the amazing island, which I loved: Île Saint-Honorat. If I hadn’t come with Louis Vuitton, I would have never known this island, so it’s amazing to have these opportunities. I loved when we arrived to the monastery that was in the middle of nowhere to take pictures. I felt [at] peace when I was there.”



What are some of your favorite beauty products?

“I’m 25, and four or five years ago I started to put cream on every day, in the morning and in the night. Now it’s something that comes very naturally. I need to do that every day, because if not, I feel naked. I always love to have different perfumes. Not the typical ones, just ones I find more special. I hate strong fragrances. I like when they’re soft and maybe a bit woody—I find the smell very sophisticated.”

What is something you always have in your bag?

“I always have nuts. Every morning I have my breakfast, [and then] before lunch I eat some nuts. They give me energy, and then I don’t eat everything when I arrive to lunch [laughs]. Walnuts are my favorite.”


What are some things we can look forward to seeing from you this year?

“I started doing jewelry collections with my partner [Rocio Canals]—she’s been doing jewelry for a long time. The first collection was very fun [with] loads of colors, and it worked really well, so now we’re working on the second one, which is inspired by nature. I really love the color of rainbows and nature—it makes me feel very peaceful. Wilhelmina García [is the name of the brand], and it’s Rocio Canals’ brand from a long time ago. She does amazing stuff.

“I’m also working on my blazer brand. It’s [a] new brand and it’s not out yet. We’ve been working on it with Maria [Bernard]. She’s my partner and lives in Paris. We’re very close friends, and we understand each other perfectly. She has more of an elegant and classy style, and I’m more crazy, so it’s perfect to work together. We’re trying to launch in October or November. [We have a brand name,] but it’s not registered yet; we may change it.

“In my office there are three rooms, [and] we have two other guys and a girl who have been studying for two years. They’re very young and plan to launch a pre-order platform. They’ve asked me to work with them on the project, so I’m now working on the brand selection for the platform. I’m going to be the product director of the platform and doing a little of PR. We’re launching in July.”


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