31 Dreamy Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online

31 Dreamy Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online

Bonus: Most are under $2,000.

I’m not usually a sucker for reality TV, but I love LOVE Say Yes to the Dress. Even though I’m already married and had my own weird experience with wedding dress shopping, there’s something about seeing so many dresses, hearing about so many different types of weddings, and checking out so many styles and preferences and crazy families that I find endlessly appealing.

But like I said, having gone through my own weird experience with wedding dress shopping, I know that making a purchase from one of those gigantic stores isn’t always fun or easy—sometimes you just want to go online and do the damn thing. And with more online shopping opportunities than ever, that’s totally possible—in fact, it might even be better.

Here are 31 of our favorite dresses and separates that would suit any type of wedding—unless you decide to tie the knot underwater or while skydiving, in which case, you’re on your own.

The “I Hate Weddings” Wedding

So you’re not exactly a “bridal” bride? That’s totally fine. Look for something with interesting texture, color, or an unusual shape.


The “Let’s Just Go to City Hall (Then to the Bar)” Wedding

If you prefer to keep the whole thing low-key and casual, look for a sleek, simple, retro-ish dress, and go all out with a fantastic pair of shoes.


The Outdoor Wedding That’s “Not Pinterest-y”

Want to get married somewhere bucolic and lovely (like a vineyard or a farm), but don’t want to even hear the words “mason jar”? Turn everyone’s expectations on their head, and wear something streamlined and minimally embellished.


The “Big Night Out” City Wedding

To us, there are few things chicer than a glamorous, late-night city wedding, complete with a grown-up, minimalist dress.

The “Boho but Not Boho” Beach Wedding

We get it—you want to get married on the beach, but you don’t want to look like you just crawled out of the ocean or rolled off your beach towel. But you also don’t want to look like you’re trying (at all) to look “bridal.” But you also want to look like a bride, but not, you know, fussy, or styled; and the word “boho” makes you want to throw your ring in the ocean and say, “Forget it!” Totally get it. See below.


The “Desert Sunset” Wedding

Listen. If you’re going to make your guests schlep all the way out to the desert, you’d better give them a show they’ll never forget (exhibit A, right here). That starts with your dress. Here’s the time to go all-out embellished, volume-heavy, and dramatic. Go big, or go home.

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