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How to Turn Your Long-Haul Flight into Your Own Personal Spa

Without scaring anyone off.

how to turn in-flight space into spa
In our never-ending quest to make flying more enjoyable, we’ve come up with some pretty damn genius ways to make our economy seat feel like first class. Friends, it’s actually sorta possible! Now we’re taking it to the next level and turning our foot and a half of space into our own personal little spa. The best part? It’s so subtle no one will side-eye your little bubble of relaxation. Here’s how we’re making use of our time in the sky to get in a treatment.


Crystal-Infused Water

Unless your adjacent seats are occupied by your friends or family, surrounding yourself with crystals to harbor their powers isn’t the most subtle approach. But how about drinking amethyst infused water? Believe in the benefits of crystals or not, the bottle itself is pretty enough to tote around. Plus, one thing you can’t argue: Hydration is essential during any flight.

Don’t Sheet Mask; Do Eye Mask & Oil

As much as full sheet masks at 30,000 altitude have become à la mode amongst beauty fanatics like us, they still give Freddy Krueger vibes to other passengers. Go for a super-rich luxe oil like Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil and gold foil eye masks like Wander Baggage Claim [how fitting?!] masks. They’re so chic and discreet you could order a second round of mini wine and the flight attendant wouldn’t even do a double take.

Don’t Forget about the Lips

Dehydration is the root of all evil on a long haul. Now that your skin got the Flight 753 treatment, don’t forget about your lips. Lather on a good amount of Laneige Sleep Lip Mask before you doze off to one of the Avengers movies, and wake up to the softest pout.

Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you really DGAF what other people think, unplug your laptop and plug in your own mini salt lamp. The warm light may just help overshadow the blinding fluorescent lamps they use to illuminate your mode of transportation.

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