inside libby callaway closet

Inside a ’70s-Inspired Closet Filled with Bohemian Gowns and Statement Jewelry

Libby Callaway has the best vintage collection we’ve ever encountered. Nashville, Tennesse.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Hannah Baxter
Photography: Alec Kugler

While we’re all for a minimalist, understated approach to fashion, we have to admit that a glamorous celebration of style and color is oh-so-satisfying. A dash of sparkle never hurts either! So when we found ourselves down in Nashville a few weeks ago, ready to explore some sensationally Southern wardrobes, multiple industry friends told us that there was one person we absolutely *had to* meet: Libby Callaway. Some have labeled her as the unofficial first lady of the Nashville fashion scene, and, suitably, she has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of local designers. She’s also quick to recommend a few shops for us to check out post-shoot. And after stepping into her incredible home, we can understand where her passion comes from—the former editor and stylist eats, sleeps, and breathes style in every form.

It’s remarkably difficult to focus on a fixed point after Callaway welcomes us into her living room. Books, sculptures, pillows, and paintings decorate every nook and cranny of the space, as if we have stepped inside a meticulously curated museum. It’s the sort of beguiling eclecticism that few others are capable of mastering (Jenna Lyons and Linda Rodin come to mind). After touring the rest of the house—with its silvery lipstick-printed bathroom wallpaper and mind-blowing collection of magazines—we can barely wait to dig into her closet. We can assure you it does not disappoint—vintage stores across the country have nothing on her.

“Everyone thought I was crazy for moving here,” explains the founder of her eponymous creative agency, The Callaway, after we spend a few hours digging through her various treasures. “I think it’s growing, because people who have worked in the [fashion] industry are moving here now, so there’s a really interesting tie to New York and the industry.” A true veteran of the NYC fashion scene, Callaway relates how she has channeled her experiences as a marketing director, stylist, and vintage dealer into developing Nashville as a true destination for both new brands and customers. “I personally am really interested in what’s happening right now. We’re not about the glossy side; we’re about the business side. We’re trying to help designers write business plans and get the production support they need in order to be able to sustain businesses here.”

As much as her résumé speaks for itself, Callaway’s wardrobe is equally impressive. There is no shortage of floaty boho dresses, bejeweled jackets, or statement jewelry, and as she pulls out some her favorites to shoot, it seems as if each piece has its own story. When she reveals her final outfit—a $17 (!!) pink vintage dress she uncovered in her travels—we make a mental note to start wearing more ruffled satin gowns to brunch. Who says you shouldn’t turn out a full look for everyday wear? If it brings us as much joy as you’ll see in these photos, sign us up.

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