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This Model Uses Real Silkworm Cocoons to Exfoliate

They’re from the dollar store (!), and Delilah Parillo swears by them.

delilah parillo
Tristan Kallas
There are some people whom we see and immediately need to know everything about: where they get their hair done, what color of lipstick theyre wearing, or how they get their skin to look like *that.* Model Delilah Parillo is one of those people—we’re kind of, sort of obsessed with her. The blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty first got her start as a model thanks to a photographer insisting that he shoot her. “My mom drove me, and we did a little shoot in his mom’s garage. He kept saying, ‘I think that you should be like, an actual model,’” she told us. “He sent my photos and phone number to an agency without telling me, and then they were just calling me a bunch after that, saying, ‘Please come to L.A.!.’” She went from working in a candy store to living in the sunny state of California, modeling on a regular basis. And, no surprise, she has supreme taste in beauty products. So excuse us as we go and buy one of everything listed below.


delilah parillo
Why she doesn’t wash her face every day:

“I have quite dry skin, it’s really sensitive—like baby skin. I only wash it when it feels dirty. I’ll wash it with water when I’m showering and stuff, but I only reach for my face wash if I’ve [been] wearing makeup, which isn’t that often. I use Biologique Recherche, they have an oxygenating face wash, which I quite like. The only thing I really wear on my skin every day is sunscreen; I put lots on my face, and I apply moisturizer—I really like kind of thicker, heavy moisturizers. Sisley has a cream mask, in the Black Rose collection, which is really nice. Then Biologique Recherche makes one called Mask Vernix—I always put it on for the airplane.”

She forgoes oil during the day:

“I like this oil that I got from Sisley, it’s like this Black Rose one that feels really nice. Although I’m starting to use it less because it’s summertime and this facialist told me that when you put oil on your face, [it] absorbs UV light more. So they told me to use it at night.”

She uses Manuka honey for, well, everything:

“Oh, face masks—I really like honey. I use the Manuka honey. You have to buy it at the health foods store; it’s like a $50 bottle of honey, it feels ridiculous, but that’s the only kind of honey you’re supposed to use. So that helps get rid of redness, inflammation—if I have a pimple, I’ll like spot treat it with honey. You can put it in your bath, too. ”

She *never* tans her face in the sun:

“When it’s summer I never tan my face. I don’t mind tanning my body—I know you’re not supposed to—but I definitely never tan my face. Sometimes I mix in with my moisturizer this Clarins Radiance-Plus Glow Booster—you put three drops in, and over the next few days your skin starts to get a bit more tanned.”

delilah parillo
The strangest product she uses:

“These little Japanese things I got from the Japanese dollar store. They’re silk cocoons, like real cocoons from silkworms! They fit perfectly on top of your fingertips, and they’re kind of hard—they kind of feel almost like a cotton ball, and you soak them in hot water, then you exfoliate your face [with them]. They’re really good. Silkworms produce this by-product that’s supposed to be anti-aging.”

If she’s going to wear makeup, it’s going to be colorful:

“If I’m going out to dinner or something, I like to put some makeup on, especially if I am somewhere a little bit more fabulous like Paris or Tokyo. I would put on like, a purple eye shadow or red lipstick. Sisley came out with this new kind of summer line that’s all waterproof, and I’ve been using some of their stick eyeshadows, just like a brown one though—I smudge it on my eyelids. I also like orangey-red [tones], I think they look good on blondes or people with blue eyes. One of my favorites is from YSL, it’s a blush and it’s #4, I think.”

Her go-to lipstick:

“I love red lipstick if I’m going out. I really like the Serge Lutens red lipstick—it’s extremely expensive, and I bought two of them and lost both of them, so I’m not going to buy any more, but it’s one of my favorites.”

Her platinum hair acts like a sponge:

“I’ve had this hair color for like, six years somehow. [My hair] was really long, it was like, down to my boobs, and then basically a hairstylist ruined it. I have kind of grey blond naturally, so luckily I don’t have to bleach my hair for too long—that’s the only reason I think I can still do it. In order to keep it healthy and on my head [laughs], I don’t wash it a lot. I’m constantly putting conditioners and oils in it. The other day, my girlfriends, they were putting these hair masks in and were rubbing my head because they’re lovely girls, and they put this honey hair mask in my hair—they put so much in. My hair literally soaked up the entire mask, it didn’t even feel greasy or oily. They were like, ‘It’s so soft, it’s perfect now.’ I could put conditioner in my hair and not wash it out. It’s pretty crazy.”

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