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The Best Met Gala Looks...Ever

2001 Naomi Campbell included.

By: Laurel Pantin

You guys. The Met Gala is on Monday! This year’s exhibit, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” is, according to Vogue, “designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art in the museum’s holdings,” and will be presented at the Anna Wintour Costume Center and the Met’s medieval galleries, as well as in uptown NYC at the Cloisters.

We’ll be sharing a first look of the exhibit on Instagram tomorrow, and bringing you some some very glam getting ready and red carpet stories (stay tuned!) but to get in the spirit beforehand, we’re looking back at our favorite looks from years past—that iconic Rihanna look included.


Most Likely to Make You Say, “Of Course She Would”: Naomi Campbell, 2001

“Guys, can we just talk about how Naomi Campbell showed up to a Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years-themed Met Gala in a “Like a Virgin” shirt, sheer skirt, and giant rosary hanging around her neck? Yup.” —Noah Lehava

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Most Likely to Never Be Forgotten: Rihanna, 2015

“Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the pictures of Rihanna in Guo Pei’s fur-trimmed pink-lined yellow satin dress? The answer is no because it was iconic. The dress was handmade in two years by a single dressmaker, and Rihanna found it online when researching Chinese Couture designers. Looking like she just stepped out of a Renaissance painting hanging in the Met, Rihanna proved that there is no one like her; no one has or can come even close. André Leon Talley said it best when he first saw her on the red carpet: “I love seeing the girl with humble beginnings who turns into the big star.” A moment, a fantasy, a dress with a never-ending train. Just Rihanna being Rihanna.” —Tara Gonzalez

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Best Colorblocking (Ever): Emma Stone, 2014

“Is this Emma Stone or some sort of “Laid-Back Barbie” come to life? While this colorblocked pink look is super simple—just a Thakoon crop top and slit skirt, made complete with a messy side-braid!—I think about it often...especially before I’m headed to a wedding, trying to tempt myself to rock a colorful set instead of a black dress.” —Samantha Sutton

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Most Likely to Inspire Your Next Hair Dye: Ciara, 2016

“I have no shame in admitting that I am a die-hard Ciara fan, but I swear that isn’t the sole reason as to why she was one of my faves at 2016’s Manus x Machina Met Gala. The hair sealed the deal for me. I mean, she didn’t even need to accessorize because of it, and she pulled it off so well. I’ll tell you one thing, I would not look like that with silver hair, which is precisely why I am bowing down to Ciara.” —Jodi Taylor

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Most Likely to Be Out of This World: Solange, 2015 “It’s pretty obvious that everything Solange touches is genius. From her everyday looks to her hairstyles, to even her recent obsession with eye makeup. The woman has a good eye for just about everything. Her Met Gala looks have been no different, but the one I would never forget is the galaxy-like Giles minidress she wore in 2015. I mean, if that look didn’t take you to another planet, I don’t know what did, would, or could.” —DaMonica Boone

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Most Likely to Blind You from a Mile Away: Alexa Chung, 2016

“Alexa Chung regularly knocks it out of the park when it comes to the Met Gala, but her look for 2016’s Manus X Machina is my fav by far. I am an absolute sucker for women in suits. It’s such a boss move in the usual sea of glamorous dresses. Even better that her usual choppy bob was slicked back and showcasing a killer pair of statement earrings. Add to the mix a plunging neckline and a few pounds of sequins, and I am SO on board.” —Hannah Baxter

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Most Likely to Make You Ask, “How is J.Lo even real?:” Jennifer Lopez, 2011

“This one gets me every time I see it, guys. While understated by Met Gala standards, there were so many good things about this look. That triangular slice of stomach showing... that bow at the neck... that floral shrug situation! I will never not bow down to Jenny from the block in fuchsia Gucci.” —Leah Faye Cooper

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