inside alix duvernoy closet

A Brazilian Dream Closet Filled with Silk Robes & Vintage CHANEL

Alix Duvernoy makes a convincing case as to why we should shop vintage more often. Rio de Janeiro.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Alec Kugler

Rummaging through one of Alix Duvernoy’s two closets, we noticed a few things: The first was that the Brazilian creative had more Charlotte Olympia than a Charlotte Olympia store—we soon realized she owned a few items that had actually been named after her—and that she was vintage-obsessed. Sure, the vintage obsession wasn’t all that surprising; Duvernoy’s IG is home to photos of her decked out in colorful and silky vintage CHANEL blouses and Versace dresses.

Duvernoy credits a lot of her personal style to her mother and two grandmothers, of whom she watched dress up and layer jewelry from a young age. As we sat in Duvernoy’s cheetah-wallpapered room, she told us while she loves to dress up as much as the next person (it was clear she had a knack for it as she effortlessly layered Yael Sonia bracelets on her wrist),  she also finds herself frustrated with how fast and disposable fashion has become. Its why shes filled her wardrobe with as much vintage and recycled clothing as she can—and let us tell you, it doesnt spare any sartorial sense.

Click through the below gallery to drool over Duvernoy’s wardrobe and learn about her favorite spots in Rio de Janeiro and why she’s obsessed with the Amazon.